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Contractor vaccination requirements - guidance for agencies

September 2, 2021

Proclamation 21-14.1 requires contractors who have goods, services, or public works services contracts with a Washington state agency to ensure that their personnel (including subcontractors) who perform contract activities on-site comply with COVID-19 vaccination requirements, by requiring such personnel to be fully vaccinated, unless properly exempted for disability or sincerely held religious beliefs, as set forth in the proclamation.

To assist agencies in implementing the contractor vaccination requirements, OFM and the Department of Enterprise Services developed guidance, tools and templates. These resources are available on the Governor’s website and include: 

We understand that the tools may not work for all circumstances, so feel free to modify them if needed for your particular contract. Work with your assistant attorney general if you need to do some modifications to the templates. 

DES has additional resources related to how master contracts are being handled, what to do with leased facilities and how DES will navigate public works contracts. Resources include: 

  • Purchasing exception for goods and services. State organizations that need to replace good and services that are currently provided by contractors or suppliers who do not comply with proclamation requirements may use the COVID-19 vaccination-related purchase exception.  

  • Information on statewide master contracts for goods and services. DES identified statewide master contracts for goods and services that include on-site work. DES will contact vendors and review declarations for compliance with the proclamation. Additional detail: 

    • DES will maintain an updated list that reflects vendor status.  

    • If a contractor is listed as verified, agencies retain authority to check for compliance, but are not required to do so. 

    • If a contractor is not listed as verified, and for all other master contracts that might have optional on-site work, the agency should work directly with the contractor to validate compliance.  

  • Information on leased facilities. DES will contact lessors and review declarations from landlords for facilities that DES enters into lease contracts for on behalf of agencies. Agencies will be responsible to ensure compliance with the proclamation requirements for any onsite vendors contracted directly by the agency, such as security, or janitorial services not supplied by the lessor.