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Average wages by county (map)

Average Wages, 1980

Inflation-Adjusted to 2022 Dollars

Median household income estimates

Median Household Income Estimates by County: 1989 to 2021; Preliminary estimates for 2022 and Projection for 2023

Washington export activity

Value of Washington exports

2022 ($ Millions)

Manufacturing employment as a percent of total

Manufacturing employment as a percent of total, 1980

  • State average: 17.8%
  • Highest county: Wahkiakum at 37.5%
  • Lowest county: Whitman at 1.6%

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Per capita personal income by county

Per Capita Personal Income, 1980

Inflation-Adjusted to 2022 Dollars

Long-term economic forecast

This file contains long-term population, nonagricultural employment, and personal income projections for Washington state. In contrast to the short-term economic forecasts that focus on assessing business cycle conditions, these long-term projections examine structural changes in industries, changes in production factors such as labor supply and capital investment and technology/productivity advances. Data are now forecast to 2050.

Distribution of income, wealth, and taxes across Washington households

This report is prepared pursuant to Section 708 of Third Engrossed Substitute House Bill 2127 (Sec. 708 3ESHB 2127). The overall objective of this study is to provide information on the distribution of income, wealth and taxes across Washington households as well as changes in the distribution of income, and wealth over time.

The Washington Input-Output Model

The 2012 Washington State Input-Output model is a 52-sector model of the state economy using the North American Industrial Classification System definition of industries. The Model contains six final demand categories and provides estimates of payments of labor income, other value added and purchases by Washington industries from elsewhere in the United States and from foreign countries.