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Languages spoken at home (mapped by county)

Percent in households where English is spoken less than "very well"

Population Age 5 and Above, 2019

The smallest share of population where English was spoken less than "Very Well" was in Pend Oreille County at 0.5%. The highest share was in Adams County where 29.0% of persons were in this category.

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Language spoken at home

Persons Living in Households Where Language Other Than English Is Spoken

Age 5 and Over

Poverty rate for single-parent families headed by a female householder (mapped by county)


Klickitat County had the highest percentage of single mother families in poverty at 63.3%.

The lowest poverty rates for families headed by single mothers was found in Asotin County at 19.0%.

Families in poverty by household type

Family Type With
Married Couple 4.0% 2.3%
Male Householder, No Wife Present 11.5% 4.9%
Female Householder, No Husband Present 30.2% 6.8%

Single-parent families as a percent of all families with children (mapped by county)


Ferry County had the highest percentage of single parent families with 44.9%.

Wahiakum County had the lowest share of single parent families, with 12.1%.

One-parent and two-parent families

Families with Children Under 18 Headed by Single Parents

Year Percent
2019 30.4%
2010 29.5%
2000 27.1%
1990 23.7%

Families by household type

Percent of Families by Household Type