Population in poverty

Washington Percent of Population in Poverty

Age Group Percent in Poverty
Age 0-17 14.3%
Age 18-64 10.6%
Age 65+ 8.0%
All Ages 11.0%

By Age Group, 1969-2017

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  • The statewide poverty rate for the total population displayed almost no change over the 1990s, but spiked more recently because of the recession.
  • Washington's elderly population is the only group to show a significant long-term decline in poverty. In 1969, 23.0 percent of the elderly, more than one in five, lived in poverty. By 2017, following national trends, this percentage dropped to 8.0 percent. The decrease in poverty among persons age 65 and over is due to the expansion of Social Security and Medicare benefits and indexing those benefits io inflation.
  • Poverty rates increased for every other age groups between 1999 and 2017 partially because of the severity of "great" recession and its lingering effects.

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Last modified: May 21, 2019
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