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Out-of-state remote work guidance and resources

Issue overview

The COVID-19 pandemic drove a shift to full-time remote work for approximately half of the state workforce in 2020. Now, remote work as a long-term option is more attractive and more viable for employees than ever before. During the pandemic, teleworking from outside the state of Washington became a requirement for employees residing in Oregon or Idaho. Out-of-state telework and remote work, while previously rare, is not new. However, now agencies are getting more employee requests for out-of-state remote work for many different reasons.

Telework resources during the COVID-19 pandemic

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many state employees are working from home. This has forced employees and supervisors to find innovative ways to keep services going. The information on this page provides various resources to help employees be successful as they continue to navigate extended telework.  

Getting started with mobile work

Each agency and workgroup will have unique circumstances that will inform telework policies. Make sure to check with your manager and human resources for more specific information.