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Budget systems modernization project update, March 15, 2018

March 15, 2018

The project team is working diligently to replace the enterprise Budget Development System (BDS) with the new Agency Budget System (ABS). In case you missed it, One Washington held a statewide system preview event on Oct 27, 2017 to provide information about ABS. The first release is scheduled for early June, just in time for agencies to prepare 2019-21 budget requests. The new system streamlines several paper-based processes and establishes a new digital framework to submit and share biennial and supplemental budget requests. Features include:

  • Modern technology. Enhanced formatting tools allow you to create your decision package online, eliminating the need for separate Word templates. Contextual help and tool-tips are available throughout the system to guide you through the process.
  • Enhanced information display and reports. Online views provide multiple ways to display your data across the budget processes. ABS will also include commonly used budget reports along with standard options for display/export/print.
  • Streamlined processes. An automated decision package, version, and submittal process replaces the need for multiple copies of printed and collated binders (yes, that’s right -- no more 3-ring binders!).

What is the ‘go live’ date for ABS?

The ABS project team is working diligently to implement ABS in early June. The new system will be implemented in phases to support the 2019-21 budget session.

When can I log in to ABS?

We will provide additional information and details to sign-in to ABS during implementation in June 2018. In the meantime, the ABS project team will be working with agency budget managers in the next several weeks to identify people in each agency who will need security/permissions in the new system.

Will I receive training for the new system?

We will use a multimodal approach to provide ABS training. A combination of online materials, in-person training, and printable support materials will ensure that agencies have the resources they need to use ABS. More information about ABS training will be sent in May.

 How do I stay informed about ABS project activities?

ABS updates will be sent via GovDelivery. Please email questions to