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Publications and Reports - Letter I

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Publication Title Publication Datesort ascending Tags
Impacts of Significant Legislative Rulemaking 2022 - 2023 January 2024 ORIA; Regulatory Reform
Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on life expectancy in Washington

Research Brief 109

January 2023 Health care, coronavirus, Forecasting and Research, Research Brief
Increased medical and emergency department claims for asthma following wildfire smoke exposure in Washington state, 2014-2018

Research Brief 104

June 2022 Forecasting and Research, Research Brief
Impacts of Significant Legislative Rulemaking 2020-2021 January 2022 ORIA, regulatory reform
Increasing Diagnosis Severity in Hospital Discharges in Washington State, 2014-2019 June 2021 Health care, Forecasting and Research
Impacts of COVID-19 on the 2020 State Population Forecast

Research Brief 100

February 2021 Forecasting and Research, Population estimates, Projections, Research Brief
Independent Accountant’s Report on Applying Agreed-Upon Procedures to Department of Commerce’s Expenditures under RCW 36.22.179(1)(b) January 2020 Commerce
Inpatient Psychiatric Care Risk Model Report January 2018 Health care, Mental health
Information Technology Expenditures, A Report to the Legislature on July 2015 IT
Information Technology Projects Funded Through Financial Contracts November 2014 IT
Interpreter Services, Study of Procurement of February 2013 Procurement
Input-Output Model, The Washington

An estimate of the structure of the Washington economy.

October 2012 Economy