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Affidavits and declarations

Deceased employee - affidavit form 25.70.30
Deceased employee - declaration form 25.70.30
Deceased employee - multiple children - affidavit form 25.70.30
Deceased employee - multiple children - declaration form 25.70.30
Forged Endorsement, Affidavit of 85.38.30
Lost or Destroyed Warrant, Affidavit of 85.38.20
Release Outstanding or Canceled Warrants, Affidavit to 85.38.40

Audit tracking - corrective action

Certification of Completion of Corrective Action Plan Template 55.10.70.b
Corrective Action Plan Template, Federal Finding 55.10.60.c
Corrective Action Plan Template, Fraud Report 55.10.60.b
Corrective Action Plan Template, General 55.10.60.a

Disclosure Forms - Federal

Federal Assistance Disclosure Form Lead Sheet 95.20.10.b
Federal Financial Assistance - Direct 95.20.20
Federal Analytical Review - Direct 95.20.30
Federal Nonfinancial Assistance 95.20.40
Federal Nonfinancial Assistance Inventory Balances 95.20.50
Federal Loan Balances 95.20.60
Federal Assistance Received from Nonfederal Sources (Pass-Through) 95.20.70
Federal Identification Numbers 95.20.80
Federal Assistance Certification 95.20.90

Disclosure Forms - State

State Disclosure Form Lead Sheet 90.40.10
Cash and Investments General Disclosure 90.40.20.a
Cash and Investments Restricted Disclosure 90.40.20.b
Cash on Hand and in Bank Disclosure 90.40.20.c
Certificates of Deposit (Non-negotiable) Disclosure 90.40.20.d
Taxes Receivable Disclosure 90.40.30
Inventory Disclosure 90.40.35
Capital Assets - Summary of Activity Disclosure 90.40.38
Capital Assets - Summary of Activity Disclosure: COMPLETED EXAMPLE 90.40.38
Long-Term Construction Commitments Disclosure 90.40.40
Lease Disclosure 90.40.45.a
Liabilities by Major Class - Summary of Activity Disclosure 90.40.45.b
Certificates of Participation (COPs) Disclosure - Agencies 90.40.45.c
Certificates of Participation (COPs) Disclosure - OST 90.40.45.d
Unavailable and Unearned Revenues Disclosure 90.40.50
Debt General Disclosure 90.40.55.a
Bond Debt by Major Class - Summary of Activity Disclosure 90.40.55.b
Bond Sales Disclosure 90.40.55.c
Transfers Disclosure        90.40.60
Transfers Disclosure: COMPLETED EXAMPLE   90.40.60
Pension Disclosure - Department of Retirement Systems  90.40.70.a
Pension Disclosure - Higher Education Institutions  90.40.70.b
Miscellaneous Disclosure  90.40.75
Internal Control Questionnaire Disclosure  90.40.80
Financial Disclosure Certification  90.40.95


Deceased employees: Receipt of payment of amounts due deceased employees 25.70.30.g
Employee Payroll Records Transmittal (12-011) 25.20.50.d
Personnel Records Transmittal/Receipt Verification (12-090) 25.20.50.d
Employee signed authorization for direct deposit 25.70.20.a

Petty cash authorization

Application and Authorization for Petty Cash Advance - Treasury Accounts 85.50.60.a


Copy Center Request Form (A24) 85.32.30
Purchase Order (A17-A, A17-1A) - search for “Purchase order template” on this page 85.32.30
Invoice Voucher (A19) 85.32.30
Journal Voucher (A7) 85.32.30
Printing Requisition (A21) 85.32.30
Purchase Order (A16) 85.32.30
Purchase Requisition (A15) 85.32.30
Receiving Report - Partial Delivery (A18) 85.32.30
Refund Voucher (A19-3) 85.32.30
Voucher Distribution (A19-2) 85.32.30


Reimbursement rates for lodging, meals and privately owned vehicle mileage 10.90.20
Travel Authorization (A40) 10.10.50.a
Travel Expense Voucher - Employees (A20-A) 85.32.30
Travel Expense Voucher - Board Members and Commissions (A20-2A) 85.32.30

Writs of garnishment

Calculations for FIRST/SECOND Answer to Writ of Garnishment, Continuing Lien 25.60.50


Accessible Meeting Checklist 50.50.50.a
Cash Receipt Journal Summary (A8) 85.20.10.e
Cellular Device Authorization and Agreement Form 25.30.40.a
EFS - Business Case 40.40.30
EFS - Cost Benefit Analysis 40.40.40
Uniform Statewide Account Code Structure 80.30.82
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