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10-year capital plan and expenditures (2023-33)

The following section presents three tables that describe the 2023-33 capital plan. The first table, the 10-year capital plan project listing, displays the recommended capital plan for each agency by project and fund source. Table 2 displays the 2023-33 capital program by source of funds, and Table 3 displays the 2023-33 10-year plan by appropriation type.

Assumptions used in the development of the 10-year plan include the following:

  • The recommended capital plan complies with debt limitations.
  • Project and program descriptions become less specific in the last two biennia to allow agencies flexibility when developing project details at a later time.
  • Preservation of existing facilities will remain a priority. The capability to define specific projects in future biennia is limited, and aggregate amounts for this purpose are often shown as various future projects.

The 2023-33 capital plan is a plan, not a budget. The projects proposed for 2023-33 funding have been carefully reviewed in the context of operating budget decisions and the accuracy of cost estimates. The potential projects listed for subsequent biennia have been reviewed for consistency with current programmatic issues and reasonableness of cost. Any project identified beyond 2023-33 should not be interpreted as a specific commitment to include that project in a future budget but rather as an indication that, given the financial and program information available today, the state plans to move forward with this project list in the future.

Table 1 10-year capital plan project listing

Table 2 2023-33 capital program summary by source of funds

Table 3 2023-33 summary of capital budget by appropriation status

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