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Bold Action Now: Proposed 2017–19 Budget Highlights

Gov. Inslee’s proposed budget would fully fund basic education and set a new course to rebuild our mental health system.

Budget highlights

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Economic Outlook
Balance Sheet Detail
K-12 Education
Early Learning
Higher Education
Health & Human Services
Natural Resources
General Government
State Employees
Budget Summary

Policy briefs

Mental Health
Carbon Pollution
Combating Homelessness
Children, Youth, and Families

Related K-12 funding and revenue documents

Presentations to the Legislature

Budget charts and graphics

K-12 tops 50% of state spending
More state funding for school districts
Fully funding education
Services have doubled as a share of the economy
State revenue collections as a share of the economy have fallen 30%k
Washington has fallen behind other states in revenue as a share of the economy
Transforming Washington's mental health system
Top budget highlights
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