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Access to 1099 Download

In order to gain access for 1099 Reporting, please sign up with the OFM Help Desk. 1099 Reporting access includes access to Secure 1099 environment in BI Launchpad (ER WebI) and 1099 Account Ability.

  1. Complete a 1099 Reporting Access Form.
  2. If you are requesting access as an Agency 1099 Administrator, please get the approval of the Agency Director or Designee.
  3. If you are requesting access as a 1099 User, please get the approval of your Agency 1099 Administrator. Find your Agency 1099 Administrator.
  4. 1099 User, please sign the Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and give the NDA to your 1099 Administrator. Your 1099 Administrator/approver will need you to sign this NDA before they can authorize you with access. Your 1099 Administrator/approver will also keep your signed NDA for their record.
  5. Please send a PDF copy of the electronically signed Access Form to:
    • Electronically signed can be: An electronic signature, or a type name in the signature line.

For more information refer to SAAM Subsection 50.10.65.


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