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State of Washington Classified Job Specification


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Class Code: 178I
Category: Financial Services

Class Series Concept

See Support Enforcement Technician.


Positions at this level supervise single units consisting of multiple professional or technical support enforcement specialists.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Supervises a unit of professional and/or technical support enforcement staff. In addition, incumbents may supervise other support enforcement personnel. Responsible for selection, training and development, planning and assigning of work, evaluation of performance and corrective action of subordinates.

Typical Work

Plans, organizes, directs, monitors, schedules and assigns work to professional or technical support enforcement specialists;  

Sets performance standards and expectations; solves problems in accomplishing work; utilizes technology to remotely supervise staff in a variety of work settings; encourages continuous process improvement; provides ongoing feedback to subordinate staff; 

Acts with delegated authority for planning and implementing recruitments; oversees hiring and selection of staff, including administration of skills assessment, conducting interviews and reference checks; 

Plans, and implements staff accountability audits and conducts annual performance development plans; analyzes performance measures at individual, team and/or office level; works with staff to establish performance goals and plans for performance improvement; coaches and mentors; provides growth and development opportunities for staff;  

Performs special tasks related to risk analysis and control, including but not limited to auditing contract services used by supervised staff; provides assistance to management in risk mitigation related to program operations, compliance to state and federal policies, and handling and processing of payments;  

Ensures newly hired staff have the tools and training needed to successfully perform the functions of their job position; determines training needs and requirements for existing staff on an individual basis and institutes training plans to accomplish desired objectives; 

Provides the first and primary level of guidance, insight and legal consultation to staff regarding processing of cases; works in collaboration with staff to resolve customer disputes at the lowest level; responds to customer complaints as needed; identifies problems with interoffice or statewide implications and refers issues for review to Program Manager and/or District Manager as appropriate; serves as mentor for all staff, displaying professional and ethical standards in addition to conflict resolution skills;  

Performs other duties as required.

Knowledge and Abilities

Knowledge of: the current Washington State system for delivery of child support services to families; applicable Revised Codes of Washington and Washington Administrative Codes; federal and state laws, regulations, policies and procedures related to child support establishment and collection; management and supervisory theory and practice; Just Cause and personnel system, including the Washington Federation of State Employees (WFSE) Collective Bargaining Agreement; adult education principles and methods for training, mentoring and development of staff; process improvement tools and application within the work environment.  

Ability to: apply state and federal statues, court decisions, department regulations and program policies to child support casework; teach and train staff; supervise, mentor and direct staff; communicate effectively and efficiently with employees, coworkers, customers, community partners and stakeholders; evaluate job performance; exercise sound and professional judgment; model expected work behaviors and demonstrate ethical business practices; actively support continuous process improvement; work efficiently in a computer-based environment with multiple databases and software programs.

Legal Requirement(s)

There may be instances where individual positions must have additional licenses or certification. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the appropriate licenses/certifications are obtained for each position.

Desirable Qualifications

Two years of college level coursework,


Four years of experience related to child support enforcement and/or debt collection related functions, including three years of experience as a Support Enforcement Officer.  


Six months of supervisory experience or coordinating and participating in the planning, development, implementation, evaluation, analysis and enhancement of functions, programs, and processes or six months experience as a Support Enforcement Officer 3.  

Note: Equivalent education and/or experience may substitute year for year.

Class Specification History

Establishment effective December 1, 1991.
New class code effective July 1, 2007; formerly 46724.
Revised definition and distinguishing characteristics and added class series concept and; adopted 8/9/2018, effective 7/1/2019.
Revised typical work, knowledge and abilities, and desirable qualifications; July 2019.
Desirable qualifications revised administratively 9/3/2019.