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Employers are responsible for allocating or reallocating each classified position to a class in the classification plan.  Typically the allocation decision is made by the Human Resource (HR) Manager based on a recommendation from the HR Consultant.  If you are new to HR and the allocation process, you may first want to check the Frequently Asked Questions.

Position allocation:

  • Is the process used to assign individual positions to a job classification.  
  • Is initiated by the employer when there is a:
    • New or vacant position
    • Reassignment of duties
    • Reorganization – typically impacts more than one employee. Note: Management should consider the impact of changing position duties and responsibilities.  For additional information see  Y-Rate Definition, Causes, and Considerations
  • May be initiated by an employee (incumbent) through a request for a position review.  See Position Review Request-Employee Portion.
  • Is accomplished through a position review requiring thorough analysis of:
    • Relevant class specifications
    • Duties and responsibilities of the position. 

Proper allocation supports:

  • Integrity of the classification system.
  • Appropriate use of state funds.
  • Pay equity for employees performing the same body of work.

Position allocation guidance

Allocating positions is not always clear-cut.  This guidance is intended to help HR in the allocation and position review process.  The purpose of a position review is to determine which classification best describes the overall duties and responsibilities of a position.  While allocations are on a case-by-case basis, this guidance provides a framework to help ensure more defensible allocations. Generally, position reviews include the following steps:

  1. Ensure Current and Accurate Position Description
  2. Determine Relevant Class Specifications
  3. Understand Allocating Criteria
  4. Understand Duties in Position Description
  5. Conduct Desk Audit
  6. Determine Appropriate Allocation
  7. Write Your Decision


Classification and allocation resources

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