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State of Washington Classified Job Specification


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Class Code: 177S
Category: Financial Services


As a designated leadworker, provides technical direction and training to Financial Recovery Enforcement Officers and other personnel in financial recovery activities and performs ongoing financial recovery functions; or is the designated lead or sole position responsible for financial recovery activities from patients at Eastern or Western State Hospital; or in cooperation with the agency's information systems staff conducts statewide training and/or assists in the development of automated financial recovery programs.

Typical Work

Responsible for a highly complex area such as multi-service coordination or fee for services and/or provides technical guidance to Financial Recovery Enforcement Officers (FREO) 1 and 2; 

Leads, directs and assists personnel in all aspects of financial recovery; 

Trains Financial Recovery staff in interviewing debtors, interviewing other people as sources of information, case investigation, enforcement procedures, and in the use of legal remedies, and the use of an automated recovery system to include hardware and software applications as they apply to financial recovery; 

In conjunction with the agency's information systems staff, develops training materials and manuals for use by OFR staff; determines hardware and software needs and administers cabling needs, such as LANS; 

Investigates and determines financial responsibility in complex or sensitive cases involving DSHS funded and/or administered programs and services; 

Provides technical assistance to managers regarding office automation and information systems; 

Approves findings of responsibility and appears as an expert witness supporting such findings at administrative hearings and judicial reviews; 

Coordinates recovery from third party sources, private and group insurance programs, self-funded programs, government funded health and benefit programs, certain tort claims, and resolves problem claims; 

Reviews evaluation and prioritization of overpayment collectability and performs the evaluation and prioritization in complicated cases; 

Enforces the recovery of public funds through administrative and judicial procedures such as subpoenas, orders to withhold and deliver, garnishment, and liens; 

Implements court orders, administrative decisions, and Federal and State laws and regulations as they pertain to financial recovery programs; 

Approves first level negotiations and settlements of claims and waivers of collections; 

Interprets and explains Federal and State programs, policies, regulations, directives, rules, and eligibility requirements as they apply to financial recovery, and monitors their application; 

Prepares cases requiring court action for the Assistant Attorney General; testifies in court and administrative hearings; 

Performs enforcement duties on an assigned caseload; 

Performs other duties as assigned.

Knowledge and Abilities

Knowledge of:  investigation procedures and practices, collection laws and procedures, legal rights and remedies in civil law, basic accounting practices, and supervisory skills.


Ability to:  comprehend complex laws, court decisions and departmental regulations; conduct effective interviews with a broad segment of society including persons with a limited ability to communicate; secure payment plans; write and speak clearly, concisely, and accurately and represent the department in a wide variety of settings; lead, direct, instruct, and motivate employees.

Legal Requirement(s)

There may be instances where individual positions must have additional licenses or certification. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the appropriate licenses/certifications are obtained for each position.

Desirable Qualifications

One year as a Financial Recovery Enforcement Officer 2.


Two years as a Financial Recovery Enforcement Officer 1.


A Bachelor's degree and two years of experience in collection of civil debts, adjustment of claims, determination of financial responsibility or investigation of financial backgrounds.

Additional qualifying experience will substitute, year for year, for the required education.

A Master's degree will substitute for one year of the required experience.

Class Specification History

New class: 11-15-85
Revised definition: 2-14-86
Revised definition, minimum qualifications, general revision, added distinguishing characteristics: 12-7-87
Revised definition, minimum qualifications, general revision: 11-15-91
New class code: (formerly 46430) effective July 1, 2007