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State of Washington Classified Job Specification


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Class Code: 396E
Category: Protective Services


This is the journey level of the series.  These positions exercise independent judgment and assist the Fire Chief in the emergency response program for fire, medical aid, and hazardous materials emergencies on McNeil Island, 24-hours a day, seven days a week.  Develops, monitors and administers a fire suppression training program that meets or exceeds state and local requirements.  This position will assume command and act for the Fire Chief in their absence. 


In higher education, under general supervision, lead student fire fighters in fire prevention, suppression, emergency medical treatment and maintenance of equipment.

Typical Work

Develops, monitors and administers a training program for inmate firefighters and fire department staff that meets or exceeds state, local, and NFPA standards; provides ongoing training classes to ensure all annual and quarterly training requirements are met; maintains training records for the department and on an individual basis; 

Inspects all occupancies of compliance with state and federal fire and life safety requirements, i.e., MICC's main facility, the DSGS Special Commitment Center, manufacturing facilities, power generation station, sewer and water treatment facilities, gas station, auto and marine repair shops, an elementary school, a bowling alley, a community of 52 family residences, and 4,400 acres of wild lands; 

Supervises fire drills and provides instruction pertaining to the handling of emergency situations; inspects and tests fire fighting equipment and alarm systems for proper operation; interprets and explains national, state, and city fire codes to staff; provides technical advice to individuals as requested; 

Investigates fires on McNeil Island relative to fire plan and systems operation; prepares reports on fires occurring on McNeil Island under the direction of the State Fire Marshall; develops and updates policies pertaining to fire prevention, suppression and hazardous materials containment spills;  

Provides technical assistance to local jurisdictions, coordinates compliance of state and federal regulations and requirements; maintains liaison with local jurisdiction concerning fire hazards on construction projects; 

Directs fire, medical aid, and hazardous materials response emergencies on McNeil Island. 

Maintains all fire suppression equipment, i.e., fire engines, ambulances, HAZ-MAT response van, SCBAS fire extinguishers, fire alarm and sprinkler systems; 

Respond to fire and ambulance calls and lead the operation of fire suppression, hazardous material, and emergency medical equipment; 

Assist with safety and fire inspections, testing of fire protection systems, pre-fire planning surveys, campus fire-life safety education, fire investigations, etc.;                                           

Lead and perform maintenance on emergency fire and ambulance apparatus and related equipment;

Prepare reports such as public assist, medical and fire incident, pre-fire survey, and safety and fire inspection; 

Attend public events to ensure compliance with safety and fire codes; 

Conduct periodic fire drills; 

Lead custodial maintenance of fire station; 

Performs other work as required.

Legal Requirement(s)

Certification as an Emergency Medical Technician is required prior to employment.

Desirable Qualifications

Four years of experience as a structural firefighter or above at a fire department involved in fire suppression activities.     


One year of experience as a lieutenant or above at a fire department involved in fire suppression activities which includes experience as a training officer.     


A two year degree in Fire Science.

Class Specification History

New class consolidates 2676 Fire Officer I, 41950 Assistant Fire Chief – DOC, adopted
May 10, 2007, effective July 1, 2007.
Revise definition; adopted 5/9/2013, effective 5/10/2013