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State of Washington Classified Job Specification


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Class Code: 351T
Category: Social Services


As a Case/Resource Manager Trainee, provides case management services to developmentally disabled clients in a region, and/or provides vendor contract monitoring and corrective action for contractors providing services to a region's clients.

Distinguishing Characteristics

This is an entry level classification designed to provide employees with training and experience in provision of case/resource management.  It is distinguished from the Case/Resource Manager by the presence of close supervision.  Adjustment of caseload, or vendor contract load, is common to allow development of the incumbent through the management of more difficult work.

Typical Work

Under supervision, manages cases for community clients; develops, implements, and monitors Individual Service Plans (ISPs); 

As part of the service planning process, interviews clients and significant others; assesses client needs; arranges for delivery of residential, vocational, and/or other services, including preparation of necessary authorization documents which will ensure vendor payment; coordinates and follows up on client response to services, and current status;  

Assists in preparing necessary documents for clients' referral for other services;  

Maintains client records, including necessary administrative records for departmental tracking;  

Assists in responding to client emergencies; including necessary arrangements of services necessary to protect the client's health and safety;  

Assists in the intake process;  

Develops, manages, and monitors contracts with counties, residential services and other local providers;  

Prepares and follows up on corrective action plans/reports as a result of evaluations/audits; assists in investigation of complaints of noncompliance with contract standards;  

Orients and trains providers regarding department, rules, regulations, policies and procedures;  

Assesses need for, and arranges for provision of, technical assistance to service providers;  

Recruits and develops resources for Family Support and Professional Services;  

Keeps and maintains records; writes reports;  

Performs other duties as required.

Legal Requirement(s)

There may be instances where individual positions must have additional licenses or certification. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the appropriate licenses/certifications are obtained for each position.

Persons legally authorized to work in the U.S. under federal law, including Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipients, are eligible for employment unless prohibited by other state or federal law.

Desirable Qualifications

A Bachelor's degree.


Two years of experience in a social services field, one year of which must have involved providing social services to people with development disabilities. 


Graduate training in any field and one year of experience providing social services to people with developmental disabilities. 

NOTE:  Upon satisfactory completion of 12-months as a Case Resource Manager Trainee (CRM) including participating in DDD specified core training, the CRM Trainee will be automatically promoted to Case/Resource Manager.

Class Specification History

New class Effective July 1, 1988 (approved June 9, 1988)
Revise minimum qualifications: effective March 9, 2001
New class code, formerly 35600; effective July 1, 2007

Revised Legal Requirements; effective June 6, 2024, due to adopted legislative action.