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State of Washington Classified Job Specification


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Class Code: 286D
Category: Health Care

Class Series Concept



Supervises staff on a shift or is the shift charge and participates in providing nursing care to one or more units under the supervision of a registered nurse; or has ward or treatment area charge responsibility when no registered nurse is assigned. 

In the Department of Corrections, incumbents must serve as the assigned clinical nurse on a shift, or have full clinical nursing responsibility for an inmate housing unit or units having a combined total population of not less than 75 adult felons or serve as substitute for the registered nurse (ward charge) no less than 40% of the time.

Typical Work

As shift supervisor, assists in and directs the attendant staff of a ward or treatment unit; plans, oversees, and evaluates work; trains and assists staff;  

Attends to the general care of patients, provides for their emotional and physical comfort and safety and maintains an attractive and comfortable environment; gives assistance and guidance in cleanliness, grooming, rest, activities, and nourishment;  

Prepares and cares for patients receiving specialized treatments administered by the physician or the professional nurse; performs selected nursing procedures;  

Encourages and supervises patients in group or individual recreational, social, or related activities; Observes, records, and reports the general condition of patient;  

Promotes better understanding of hospital policies in contacts with patients' relatives;

Assists with the rehabilitation of patients according to the treatment plan;  

Participates in in-service education programs and staff and treatment team conferences;

Prepares and cares for patients receiving specialized treatments directed by the physician or the professional nurse; performs selected nursing procedures;  

Cares for patients with communicable diseases including necessary sterilization and observation of aseptic techniques; preparation and aftercare of treatment and administration of medications, except I.V. medications;  

Inspects housing and treatment areas, supplies, equipment, and patients for health, sanitation, safety, security, and other conditions that may be detrimental to the care and treatment of the patients; 

May supervise lower level staff.

Legal Requirement(s)

There may be instances where individual positions must have additional licenses or certification. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the appropriate licenses/certifications are obtained for each position. 

Persons legally authorized to work in the U.S. under federal law, including Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals recipients, are eligible for employment unless prohibited by other state or federal law.

Desirable Qualifications

Possession of a valid license to practice within the state of Washington


two years of experience as a Licensed Practical Nurse.

Class Specification History

New class effective June 1, 2005; Licensed Practical Nurse 4 (replaces 56520 Licensed Practical Nurse 3, 56730 Mental Health Licensed Practical Nurse 4).
Revised definition; adopted May 14, 2009, effective May 15, 2009.
Base range salary adjustment adopted 6/30/2017, effective 7/1/2017.
Base range salary adjustment adopted 6/13/2019, effective 7/1/2019; from range 52 to 56.

Revised Legal Requirements; effective June 6, 2024, due to adopted legislative action.