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State of Washington Classified Job Specification


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Class Code: 385G
Category: Protective Services


Assist in the administration and supervision of a division of the campus security department.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Positions allocated to this class may serve as staff assistant to the head of a division of the security department, or direct a special activity such as training, or head up a total security unit/department including security sergeants.

Typical Work

Coordinate the work of a functional unit with the work of the line division and recommend procedures and methods to increase department efficiency;

Assist in the development of institution security programs;

Review security department records and reports; initiate corrective action when necessary to ensure compliance with institution regulations, local, state, and federal law; prepare departmental reports as required;

Develop and direct security department training programs;

Plan, schedule, and assign security staff to shifts and sections;

Participate in personnel processes; make recommendations on appointments, promotions, transfers, disciplinary actions, and discharges;

Perform related duties as required.

Knowledge and Abilities

Knowledge of: rules governing access to buildings and grounds; rules of behavior; general safety precautions and fire hazards; methods and procedures in dealing with clients, visitors, staff; methods and procedures for searching for escapees and violators; fire fighting equipment and fire prevention methods; first aid; report preparation and writing; verbal communication skills; observation skills; law enforcement basics; investigation procedures; electronic security systems.

Ability to: learn rules and enforce them; follow written and oral instructions; meet emergencies and employ effective courses of action; write reports; investigate incidents and obtain pertinent information; observe and detect suspicious situations; communicate with staff, residents and general public; apply first aid; operate electronic security equipment; use fire fighting equipment.

Legal Requirement(s)

There may be instances where individual positions must have additional licenses or certification. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the appropriate licenses/certifications are obtained for each position.

Desirable Qualifications

Two years of law enforcement experience or training in a supervisory capacity equivalent to Campus Security Sergeant; possession of a valid motor vehicle driver's license; no previous felony convictions.

Equivalent education/experience will substitute for all minimum qualifications except when there are legal requirements, such as a license/certification/registration.

Class Specification History

New class adopted January 3, 1973.
Revise class. Revises minimum qualifications; adopted July 2, 1990.
Revise class. Revises class code (formerly 2622), general revision; adopted May 10, 2007, effective July 1, 2007.