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State of Washington Classified Job Specification


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Class Code: 120B
Category: Administrative Services

Class Series Concept

Positions in this class series engages primarily in technical advisory and promotional activities, often performed as integrated functions, in connection with the improvement and development of industrial training programs and related workforce development utilization practices on the job. This work includes obtaining the cooperative support of, providing consultant services to, and coordinating with employers, labor, educational, community and other groups and governmental entities at local, State, and Federal levels. Apprenticeship Consultants work collaboratively or independently with employers, apprenticeship sponsors, industry groups, employees and apprentices to provide the following: 

  • Regulatory and compliance services in support of the Washington State Apprenticeship & Training Council (WSATC) laws, rules, decisions and directives.
  • Technical and consultative services to sponsors, programs and committees composed of employer and employee groups on methods for improving and obtaining more effective utilization of worker skills on the job by coordinating efforts to establish, register, operate and maintain Standards of Apprenticeship, associated apprentice and employer agreements.
  • Promotion of the National Apprenticeship System and the Washington Apprenticeship Program and other on-the-job training programs and standards to meet the needs for skilled workforce development in industry by marketing, presentation and advisory services.


Provides consultative and technical support in the routine development and enforcement of traditional and non-traditional apprenticeship programs, agreements and standards.

Distinguishing Characteristics

This is the first working-level of the series. In a learning capacity, this journey level concentrates on gaining on the job experience working under close supervision while learning the aspects of apprenticeship. Incumbents receive advanced level training and remain in this classification through a two-year training plan and upon successful completion will automatically qualify to apply for AC3 positions.

Typical Work

Provides consultative, technical and research support to Apprenticeship Consultants 3 and 4 regarding establishment, registration, and operation of apprenticeship programs and proper procedures, rules, and policies of the State of Washington Apprenticeship and Training Council; 

Assists Apprenticeship Consultants in drafting new and revising existing apprenticeship standards; 

Assist in the settlement of agreement interpretation disputes at the local level;

Supports the enforcement of state and federal laws applying to apprenticeship; investigates established programs for conformity to standards; investigates complaints of individual apprentices regarding quality of instruction; checks payroll to see that apprentices are properly paid;

Provides liaison services between educational and workforce development entities and Apprenticeship Counselors 3 and 4 to promote and encourage the development of the following types of state and federal programs: WSATC recognized preparatory programs and registered apprenticeship training programs; 

Assists apprenticeship programs in meeting their equal employment opportunity goals through promotional activities, outreach events, and sharing of best practices in recruitment and retention efforts; 

Consults with high schools, community and technical colleges, and other institutions of post-secondary education regarding course and curriculum development and articulation relative to apprenticeship programs; facilitates joint agreement and collaboration on these issues among school, industry, and apprenticeship organization officials.

Legal Requirement(s)

There may be instances where individual positions must have additional licenses or certification. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the appropriate licenses/certifications are obtained for each position. 

Desirable Qualifications

Journey level standing as a result of completion of an apprenticeship program.


A Bachelor's degree and one year of experience involving apprenticeship or related workforce education and training programs. 


Two years of experience developing and implementing apprenticeship preparation programs or pre-apprenticeship programs that have a documented relationship to, and receive guidance from, a registered apprenticeship program(s). 


Equivalent education/experience. 

Class Specification History

New class: January 1, 2006
Replaces: 18970 Apprenticeship Coordinator 1
Revise class. Revised definition and typical work; adopted May 10, 2007, effective July 1, 2007.
Revise class. Revised class series concept, definition, add distinguishing characteristics, revise typical work and desirable qualifications, adopted June 13, 2019, effective July 1, 2019.