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State of Washington Classified Job Specification


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Class Code: 107K
Category: Administrative Services

Class Series Concept

See Program Specialist 2.


Positions at this level work under administrative direction, and have organization-wide program management responsibilities, and are recognized as program specialists. For programs with statewide impact, incumbents are specialists who manage two or more components of the program. Incumbents administer, oversee, and direct all program activities and advise public entities and higher level administrative staff on the program components. Program components are comprised of specialized tasks (e.g., reservations, administration, and budget coordination) within a specialty program. Incumbents provide and coordinate program activities affecting an essential service within the organization or activities with statewide impact. Incumbents perform a wide scope of complex duties and responsibilities in the management of a program, exercise independent judgment, and have delegated decision-making authority. Programs include but are not limited to, salmon, marine and shell fish enhancement programs; boating, concession, or winter recreation programs; missing children’s clearinghouse; and fund-raising programs which include prospect identification, endowment campaigns, annual funds, direct mail marketing and membership development.

Typical Work

Determines priorities and sets objectives, coordinates and resolves resource conflicts related to program and activities; structures and administers activities to ensure consistent approaches are utilized within the program and organization-wide;

Establishes paid and volunteer staff resource plans, including strategy , staff orientation, recognition, evaluation and reporting;

Provides leadership and maintains a working relationship with external industries and associations; explains positions on complex program issues; recommends alternative solutions to controversial resource conflicts; anticipates potential conflicts and attempts a resolution before problems occur;

Develops, revises, implements, interprets, and administers program specific policies, procedures, practices, and sets standards for existing and new program activities impacting outside entities, volunteers, industries, associations or members of the public;

Prepares and maintains administrative and business reports, records, comprehensive plans, summaries, and recommendations, or directs staff engaged in these tasks;

Generates budget requests and coordinates the biennial budget, strategic plans and objectives for statewide programs; responsible for reconciliation statements, annual performance reports and quarterly financial status reports required for compliance with federal and state agencies;

Plans and executes comprehensive fund-raising activities; designs publicity tools and implements activities to promote and educate internal or external communities about program; negotiates with individuals and private companies to sponsor program efforts through direct monetary or equipment donations; coordinates all resource donations;

Acts as administrative liaison on cooperative projects related to the program with cities, counties, port district, school districts and private groups; works with internal personnel to ensure that projects do not conflict with existing resources;

Develops grant review and approval processes and directs the process to completion;

Promotes and develops options related to tax advantages, solicitation of direct gifts, and long-term tax and monetary benefits for prospective program donors; confer with donors on short- and long-range estate planning and advantages of contributions to programs;

Serves as liaison between parents of missing children and law enforcement agencies to assist in the location and recovery of missing children; establishes and maintains effective relations with local law enforcement, the legal profession, and court administrators;

Maintains computerized information to track and monitor cases reported to the missing children clearinghouse; designs and produces required reports;

Provides training to law enforcement and concerned groups regarding missing children recovery procedures;

May supervise lower level staff.

Legal Requirement(s)

There may be instances where individual positions must have additional licenses or certification. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the appropriate licenses/certifications are obtained for each position.

Desirable Qualifications

Positions typically require a Bachelor’s degree and two years of experience in a related field including planning, policy analysis, coordination and consultation with a variety of public and private agencies, organizations, and/or levels of government and supervisory experience.

Class Specification History

New class consolidates 25980 Resource Development Officer, 24190 Fisheries Clientele Program Manager, 36920 Parks and Recreation Coordinator 2, 27670 Missing Children Clearinghouse Coordinator effective January 1, 2006.
General revisions, housekeeping only: Revises typical work to add missing children’s clearinghouse statements (originally in Communications Consultant 4) effective May 4, 2009.