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State of Washington Classified Job Specification


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Class Code: 105G
Category: Administrative Services


Positions perform varied administrative and secretarial support duties or positions are responsible for one or more major program activities under a second line supervisor.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Positions are delegated higher-level administrative support duties or positions are delegated one or more major program activities that would be performed under a second-level professional supervisor, manager or administrator in WMS Band II or above or in exempt service, chief administrator, or head of a major organizational unit such as a school, college, or major academic or administrative department. Only one position will be allocated to an individual second-line supervisor for those positions performing one or more major program activities.

A major program activity is defined as a function that is a major element of the supervisor’s job. The duty must stand alone and would create significant adverse consequences if poorly performed. However, full delegation can’t occur if the supervisor’s position requires specialized licensure such as attorneys, medical doctors, and engineers.

Higher-level administrative duties are duties of a substantive nature that are appropriate to be performed by the supervisor, manager, administrator, or professional level employee but have been delegated to the administrative assistant to perform. Areas may include but are not limited to, the following: budget development and/or management, expenditure control, office space management, equipment purchases, public relations, personnel administration, records management, and report preparation.

Incumbents in these positions represent the supervisor’s and/or unit’s goals and interests and provide interpretation or explanation of the supervisor’s policies or viewpoints.

Typical Work

Establishes procedures and interprets and applies administrative policies to the work of the unit;

Evaluates costs and/or approves purchases for expenditures such as equipment, supplies, and furniture; develops cost estimates for equipment needs, space renovations, and projects;

Participates in budget preparation; develops budget estimates; monitors budget status and expenditures;

Assists in devising unit standards/procedures to ensure adherence to policies regarding tasks such as budgeting, purchasing, and contract administration;

Coordinates, organizes, and/or directs the operation of a program or major program activity;

Represents management and serves as the primary contact in assigned program areas;

Reorganizes and/or assigns office space; modifies workflow process to achieve efficient use of space, equipment, and personnel;

Prepares reports, budget, contract, or grant proposals;

Coordinates personnel issues such as recruitment, selection, appointment, and promotion;

Develops employee training programs/courses, visual aids, or other materials, schedules and conducts presentations and/or training;

Issues news releases; represents supervisor at meetings;

Conducts and/or responds to surveys and studies; composes narrative portions of documents such as brochures and policy statements;

Coordinates with other departmental staff members on administrative practices and procedures;

Serves as a liaison between supervisor and other staff; members, relaying assignments and requesting status information;

Provides secretarial support to supervisor; coordinates office operations; keeps supervisor’s calendar; makes travel arrangements; screens, prioritizes, and distributes mail; transcribes minutes, screens calls and visitors;

May supervise lower-level staff.

Knowledge and Abilities

Knowledge of: office procedures and practices; business management practices, research methods and data collections; communication and correspondence practices;
Principles and practices of supervision;

Ability to: work independently; read, understand, and interpret policies and procedures; develop written reports; work effectively with others; communicate effectively, both in writing and speech.

Legal Requirement(s)

There may be instances where individual positions must have additional licenses or certification. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the appropriate licenses/certifications are obtained for each position.

Desirable Qualifications

High school graduation or GED.


Three years of progressively responsible experience in office/clerical, secretarial, bookkeeping, accounting, or general administrative work.


Formal education will substitute year-for-year for experience.

NOTE: Some positions may require keyboarding or typing accurately at a net speed of 50 words per minute or faster.

Class Specification History

New class. Consolidates 2045 Administrative Assistant A, 01023 Secretary Administrative, 09540 Administrative Assistant 3; adopted May 10, 2007, effective July 1, 2007.
Salary adjustment adopted June 13, 2019, effective July 1, 2019.