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State of Washington Classified Job Specification


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Class Code: 521K
Category: Science & Engineering


Leads two or more forest nursery laborers and participates in the work of caring for seedlings, equipment and facilities at a forest nursery.

Typical Work

Directs and participates in a variety of general nursery labor involving use of established repetitive procedures;  

Instructs new employees in the process of sorting and culling seedlings and counting and tying them in bundles; checks bundles for accuracy of count and sort; time checks nursery laborers for maintenance of production standards; oversees activities in the greenhouse operations such as filling blocks, sowing, fertilizing, and watering;  

Makes work assignments to nursery laborers, including counting seedling trees and inventory plots, hoeing and hand weeding seedling beds, feeding seedlings into mechanical planters; hand thinning seedlings, fertilizing, watering, and sowing;  

Uses hand, farm and garden tools; operates light trucks and buses to transport laborer crews to work sites; may operate other light farm equipment;  

Must be physically capable of performing all of the duties and responsibilities of the position, some of which involve lifting fertilizer bags, irrigation pipe, seedling bins, etc., weighing up to 50 pounds, and standing, bending, kneeling, stooping or working in cramped quarters over long periods of time;  

Performs other work as required.

Knowledge and Abilities

Ability to:  instruct subordinates and maintain effective working relationships while encouraging maintenance of production standards; perform close, tedious work requiring good manual dexterity.

Legal Requirement(s)

A valid Washington driver's license is required. 

There may be instances where individual positions must have additional licenses or certification. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the appropriate licenses/certifications are obtained for each position.

Desirable Qualifications

Six months or 1,040 hours of experience in a plant nursery, or in row crop farming. 

Equivalent education/experience.

Class Specification History

Title change (formerly Forest Nursery Leadwoman), general revision: 9-7-73
Revised definition, minimum qualifications, and general revision: 1-24-75
Revised definition, minimum qualifications, code change (formerly 9407) and general revision: 2-12-82
Revised new class code: (formerly 94110) effective July 1, 2007.
Base range salary adjustment adopted 6/30/2017, effective 7/1/2017.
Base range salary adjustment adopted 6/13/2019, effective 7/1/2019.