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State of Washington Classified Job Specification


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Class Code: 530M
Category: Science & Engineering


Performs advance transportation engineering work under limited supervision.

Distinguishing Characteristics

At this level, incumbents are generally placed in charge of a major project or functional area which is characterized by supervising several support staff (staff may include or consist of contracted consultants) or serve as a staff specialist in a complex area of limited scope (this may include serving as a staff specialist consultant to Local Agencies). Incumbents are expected to possess a thorough working knowledge of agency policies, standards and procedures as well as engineering principles, methods and practices. Assignments require judgments in selecting and adapting techniques to solve transportation problems. Incumbents may represent the Department at public meetings, open houses, to local agencies, contractors, consultants, etc., for specific projects. While work is occasionally spot-checked and reviewed upon completion, incumbents are responsible for planning and carrying out projects with only minimal supervision. Staff at this level are often called on to assign, train and evaluate engineers and technicians.

Typical Work

Incumbents typically perform the level of work described by the tasks and working titles specified below a majority of the time. This description is not intended to be all-inclusive but representative of the level of responsibility and level of complexity of the work performed by this class. 


  • Chief of Parties
  • Preliminary Engineering
  • Leader of a design/PS&E preparation team or traffic design/PS&E preparation team of at least three engineers and technicians at least one of which is a Transportation Engineer 2, Transportation Planning Specialist 2 or equivalent.  In addition to supervising the team and being responsible for the projects assigned, the team leader also does the most complex design work such as writing new specifications, traffic switches, etc.
  • District DEWS Coordinator
  • District Hydraulics Engineer
  • District Environmental Coordinator
  • District Cadastral Control Specialist
  • Senior Design Review Specialist
  • Senior Plans Review Specialist
  • CPMS Standards Analyst
  • Senior Environmental Document Review Specialist


  • Designer, design reviewer, or operations team supervisor in a complex technical area that frequently requires specialized applications such as:
  • Traffic Signals:  Performs capacity analysis to determine optimum signal timing and phasing.  Directs and creates base plans, channelization plans, delineation plans, wiring diagrams, field wire termination details and writes special provisions for innovative traffic signals deviating from standard techniques such as high speed vehicle detection systems, multiple detector emergency preemption systems, and advance warning systems.  Performs computer analysis to develop, implement, and evaluate coordinated timing patterns for optimum traffic flow. Modifies phasing of arterial signal systems for safety and operational efficiency.
  • Surveillance Control and Driver Information:  Creative design of specialized systems including complex elements such as mainline conduit and communications, closed circuit television, variable message signing, gate controls and highway advisory radio equipment.
  • Illumination:  Creative deviations from standards requiring light level calculations, uniformity ratio calculations, voltage drop calculations and designing extensive modifications to existing systems.
  • Traffic Signing:  Develops specialized signing plans including sign type, layout, size, support and positioning for projects with complex geometrics, heavy traffic volumes and high safety hazard such as multi-lane urban freeways, intersections with multiple crossroads, interchanges with significantly different quadrants, cloverleaf interchanges with collector/distributors and combination diamond/ cloverleaf interchanges. Creates unique signing plans for highways and freeways that deviate from standards available in the MUTCD or Design Manual.
  • Traffic Analysis:  Performs detailed capacity analysis to determine the adequacy and safety of transportation projects on multi-lane highways and freeways with signalized intersections, multiple turning movements, etc. Analyzes level of service and recommends measures to resolve problems.  Performs detailed traffic studies of existing facilities to determine safety and operational improvements.

District Traffic Control Plan Design Specialist

Headquarters Outdoor Advertising Control Program Coordinator


  • Chief Inspector
  • Office Engineer
  • District Documentation Reviewer
  • District Change Order Analyst


  • Geotechnical designer of complex projects such as one- or two-span bridges of extensive length over varying ground conditions, multi-span bridges, large retaining walls, major cut/fill slopes and small landslides.
  • Manages and supervises a field exploration program with multiple Geotechnical exploration crews or manages a statewide contract drilling program and serves as a field exploration expert.
  • District Independent Assurance Sampler
  • Fabrication Inspection Specialist
  • Supervisor of Headquarters laboratory testing two or more materials
  • Program Management
    • As a staff specialist, serves in one of the following roles:
    • Headquarters Priority Array Analyst
    • Headquarters Systems Liaison
    • Headquarters Federal Aid Authorization Specialist
    • Headquarters Expenditure Analyst
    • District Assistant Project Control/Budget Management Specialist


  • Supervise the design and review of contract plans for construction and repair of marine structures, buildings, and parking lots; supervises construction and maintenance of terminal and docking facilities; schedules and directs inspection activities to assure that contractors comply with plans and specifications; directs subordinates in the preparation of necessary records, documentation, and contractor billings; responds to calls for emergency repair of ferry slips, assesses damage, recommends and develops repair procedures and schedules.

Performs other work as assigned.

Legal Requirement(s)

There may be instances where individual positions must have additional licenses or certification. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the appropriate licenses/certifications are obtained for each position.

Desirable Qualifications

One year of experience as a Transportation Engineer 2 or equivalent such as Bridge Engineer 2 or Transportation Planning Specialist 2 and successful completion of the Entry Management Core Program (ED&TD, AA).

Note: Selective certification for candidates with Engineer-in-Training certification may be required for certain positions.

Note: Possession of a valid driver's license may be required.

Class Specification History

New class: Adopted 7-13-78, effective 10-1-78
Revised distinguishing characteristics (deleted Assistant State Aid function): 5-79; effective 10-1-78
Revised minimum qualifications: 5-11-79
Revised distinguishing characteristics: 4-10-81
Revised distinguishing characteristics: 5-9-86
Revised definition, distinguishing characteristics, minimum qualifications: 3-13-92
Revised distinguishing characteristics: 9-9-94
Revised distinguishing characteristics: 9-19-03
Revised new class code: (formerly 66160) effective July 1, 2007.
Base range salary adjustment adopted 6/30/2017, effective 7/1/2017.