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State of Washington Classified Job Specification


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Class Code: 388F
Category: Protective Services

Class Series Concept

See Fish & Wildlife Enforcement Recruit level.


Under the direction of a Captain, the Lieutenant organizes, reviews, directs and supervises, either in the field or in an administrative posting, the work and training of Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Officers, Sergeants, and Program Specialists who are engaged in the protection of fish and wildlife, habitat protection, prevention of illegal commercialization of fish or wildlife, public health and safety, mutual aid and homeland security to citizens.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Provides management and leadership for all enforcement program activities including developing regional and statewide project plans, evaluating regional or specialized program performance and ensuring compliance with program regulations and agency policy. Specialized programs would include but not limited to: Professional standards and AIS.

Assist higher-level management in performing one or more of the following activities:
• Manages and coordinated the Enforcement Program’s emergency management response program;
• Manages and maintains the Enforcement Program’s personnel conduct accountability program;
• Collaboration and coordination with Executives of Federal, State, County, and Municipal Law Enforcement Agencies and the law enforcement agencies of up to 29 federally recognized different tribal nations and tribes not yet recognized by the federal government;
• Manages and ensures adherence to regional and statewide budgets;
• Maintains liaison with local, state, tribal and federal law enforcement agencies.

Class Specification History

Position established 6/29/2022, effective 7/1/2022. 80148588 - 44, Protective Service Workers; N/A.