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State of Washington Classified Job Specification


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Class Code: 572C
Category: Agricultural Operations

Class Series Concept



Serves as the technical expert or supervises profession Pesticide Regulatory Specialist staff. Positions at this level perform professional and skilled natural resource pesticide protection.

Distinguishing Characteristics

This is the supervisory or technical expert of this series. Under administrative direction supervisors perform management responsibilities with oversight of regional or statewide programs, or as the technical expert independently performing the most complex, high profile, multi-jurisdictional functions that are politically sensitive or have civil/criminal connections. Positions advise on departmental action, prepares legal documents, and assists in the preparation for legal proceedings.

Typical Work

Supervises, directs, and monitors regional or statewide pesticide regulatory specialist activities to meet Pesticide Management Division goals, objectives, policies, and procedures and the State plan under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA);

Provides expert review and recommendations in support of Division pesticide activities and issues, including pesticide and fertilizer legislation, rulemaking, policies, media requests, and pesticide issues of concern. Plan, coordinate, facilitate and direct stakeholder meetings involving these issues;

Conducts investigations and inspections that are complex, high profile, multi-jurisdictional, have extensive media coverage, are politically sensitive, have civil criminal connections, or that require particular expertise;

Develops and delivers high-level presentations and technical assistance to registrants, governmental agencies, the regulated community, and the public;

Plans, coordinates, facilitates and conducts in-service training and development for pesticide regulatory specialist staff. Oversee training of new staff and monitors all required staff credentialing. Compose and update program process and procedure manuals, and pesticide safety education curriculums;

Conducts quality assurance review of program activities, develop reports and make recommendations to program managers and upper level management;

Develops and delivers high-level presentations and technical assistance to registrants, governmental agencies, the regulated community, and the public;

Provides presentations and technical assistance on highly complex and controversial issues to pesticide and fertilizer registrants, commodity and industry groups, governmental agencies and the public;

Develops policies, procedures and guidance documents for approval by management staff;

Develops and administers highly specialized exams for prospective and current licensees. Assures exam manuals, review techniques, and program processes meet current federal and state competency and industry standards. Assists with development and implementation of certification and recertification policies and procedures to comply with the federal certification and training rule, FIFRA, and other federal and state laws and rules. Works with other programs, agencies, and organizations to facilitate these efforts;

Acts as liaison with Attorney General’s Office and oversee divisional activities associated with search warrants, injunctions, administrative hearings and other legal actions. Draft Notices of Intent to assess civil penalties, registration denials and actions, and license suspensions or revocation. Provide respondents with due process rights and negotiates settlements;

Promotes and nourishes community partnerships to educate and provide technical assistance to the regulated community;

Oversees the development and implementation of certification and recertification policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the federal Certification and Training rule, FIFRA, and other laws and rules. Oversee program-wide customer service, business systems and applications, and all policies and procedures including maintenance of databases, website and other outreach;

Provides leadership and daily supervision of technical and administrative staff and assist program manager in developing efficient and effective business operations and implementing new projects;

Coordinates activities of the waste pesticide disposal program, schedules and hold disposal events, and manage grants and funding for the program.

Knowledge and Abilities

Knowledge of: principles and concepts of supervision, education, training, leading a team; Lean principles and processes; Pesticide Management Division protocols and procedures relating to regulation of products and activities; RCW 34.05 Administrative procedures act and agency administrative procedures; rights of aggrieved and rights of respondent.

Ability to: lead and motivate a highly productive team by coaching, mentoring, developing, conflict resolution, giving and receiving feedback; represent division as a recognized expert; independently contribute and advise other governmental agencies; work under pressure and to defuse potential misunderstandings regarding WSDA policies and findings; supervise and train personnel; act as a public resource in the specialty area(s); give effective oral presentations regarding specialty and WSDA issues. Ability to take and complete various training programs required by each program, the state, and EPA.

Legal Requirement(s)

There may be instances where individual positions must have additional licenses or certifications. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the appropriate licenses/certification are obtained for each position.

Desirable Qualifications

Bachelor’s degree including 25 semester or 40 quarter hours in a natural or physical science.


Six years of professional experience in a natural resource, agricultural, environmental or health regulatory agency, or in the fertilizer, pesticide, or pest management field industry which includes two years must be equivalent to Pesticide Regulatory Specialist 2;


Two years of experience leading or supervising within a natural resource, agricultural, environmental or health regulatory position, in the pest management field, or in the pesticide or fertilizer industry.


Master’s degree in one of the above fields and two years of professional experience as required above which includes one year equal to a Pesticide Regulatory Specialist 2.


Ph.D. in the above fields will substitute for two years professional experience as required above and one year as a Pesticide Regulatory Specialist.

Class Specification History

New class; adopted June 22, 2023, effective July 1, 2023.