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State of Washington Classified Job Specification


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Class Code: 527F
Category: Science & Engineering


Performs licensed professional land survey work as a section manager or staff specialist.

Typical Work

Supervises the State Land Survey Unit of the Land Survey Section; coordinates unusually critical or complex projects, which usually involve the use of electronic measuring instruments, and a large party; coordinates the work of several survey parties, statewide survey contracts, and a technical office support staff in the accomplishment of control surveys, calculations, and related mapping and digital data entry into the GIS to establish and maintain state property boundaries and corners; assists the regions and program managers with development of long-range survey plans, budget needs, technical standards, procedures, and training needs;

Coordinates and conducts surveys to establish tidelands, shorelands and harbor areas; supervises and participates in computation and platting of survey data and preparation of legal descriptions, related thereto;

Develops procedures and specifications for statewide survey contracts and agreements; administers and approves contract surveys;

As staff specialist, responsible for approving, writing and professionally sealing legal descriptions for the purpose of land sales, exchanges, purchases, leases, etc., of state-owned or acquired land; approves for correct technical data and proper form, all right-of-way plats and electronic communication sites submitted to or created by the department; abstracts and evaluates information, records and evidence obtained; trains department personnel in legal description writing;

As Regional surveyor, responsible for technical and professional supervision of Region field survey crew(s); plans, coordinates and directs the field work, research, calculations, and maps to be prepared as a result of such surveys; professionally seals surveys;

Supervises Public Land Survey Office of the Land Survey Section; manages the acquisition and maintenance of statewide survey-related records of any nature that provide a means for the identification and preservation of survey points and land boundaries; provides administrative support for a five-member Survey Advisory Board; develops WAC rules related to surveying standards, permit for corner removal and filing fee structure; supervises and coordinates the sales of survey records and maps; advises the general public and surveying community on survey related issues; assists the Survey Manager in the development, justification, and management of the Public Land Survey program;

Performs related work as required.

Knowledge and Abilities

Knowledge of: land surveying and mapping principles, procedures and practices; statutes, court decisions and other law pertaining to the establishment, locating, dividing and defining of corners, monuments, lines, and boundaries of land; professional standards of land surveying and mapping; computer skills and applications; land records management; mathematics through calculus; geodesy and state plane coordinates; supervision and management practices.

Ability to: assume immediate and full charge of all land survey and mapping work; exercise sound independent professional judgment in making final decisions on difficult surveying problems; communicate well orally and in writing; traverse rough terrain in all kinds of weather; travel frequently and for extended periods.

Legal Requirement(s)

There may be instances where individual positions must have additional licenses or certification. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the appropriate licenses/certifications are obtained for each position.

Desirable Qualifications

Licensed as land surveyor in the State of Washington.

Class Specification History

New class: 5-1-63
General revision, title change (formerly Civil Engineer III): 12 17 63
General revision: 12-1-65
Abolished: 7-1-67
Reactivated: 11-5-71
Revised definition and minimum qualifications, title change (formerly Civil Engineer 3 - Land Survey): 6-11-81
Revised definition and minimum qualifications: 12-10-93
New class code: (formerly 60740) effective July 1, 2007