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State of Washington Classified Job Specification


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Class Code: 600K
Category: Maintenance Trades & Labor


Performs journey-level inspection, troubleshoot, diagnoses, service, and makes major and minor mechanical repairs on all types of equipment used in highway maintenance or heavy and/or industrial/commercial equipment, or motorized farm equipment.  Performs preventative maintenance.  Operates shop equipment in the performance of duties.  May order, requisition and maintain inventory of parts;  OR,  working directly for an Equipment Technician Supervisor analyze needs and draft  purchase requisitions for procurement of new and replacement commercial industrial and agency specialized parts and equipment.  Meet with sales personnel, representative and vendors to discuss equipment component requirement and product availability.  Perform price and availability comparisons, analyze data, and make recommendations to supervision.  Some positions analyze and authorize vendors. May lead or supervise and train other positions (e.g. truck drivers, utility workers, painters, maintenance mechanics, or electricians).

Distinguishing Characteristics

Automobiles and other vehicles under 15,000 GVW may be serviced and repaired a minority of the time.  Lighter vehicle repairs are defined in the automotive mechanic class series.

Typical Work

Inspects, diagnoses and makes needed repairs to equipment such as: vehicles over 15,000 GVW, mechanical equipment as specialty trucks, power shovels, graders, backhoes, dozers, heavy trucks and accessories, snow blowers, loaders, rollers, sweepers, oil distributors, catch basin cleaners, and all other state-owned equipment used in highway maintenance and engineering; 

Inspects, diagnose, and makes repairs to industrial/commercial equipment such as: pumps, generators, farm implements, including major engine overhauls, tune-ups, relining and adjusting brakes, wheel alignments, transmission and differential replacement and repair, and electrical replacement and repair; 

Operates such shop equipment as grinders, vacuum gauge, voltage and regulator tester, wheel balancer, drill press, wheel pullers, lathes, jacks, air tools, OBD diagnostic scanner, digital volt meters, computerized diagnostic devices and software, emission testers, and various hand tools and other equipment used in heavy and/or industrial/commercial equipment repair; 

Repairs and maintains steering and suspension systems; 

Diagnoses and repairs hydraulic and air brake systems including anti-lock brake systems; 

Designs, diagnoses, repairs, and installs hydraulic systems; 

Road tests vehicles and equipment; 

Uses a computer to update and maintain shop records; performs machinist, body repair, painting, or welding fabrication work; 

As directed, analyzes agency-wide industrial/commercial and agency specialized equipment, and contract vehicle needs and usage;  

Prepares specifications and drafts purchase requisitions for equipment that balances the effectiveness of equipment to meet user requirements;   

Assists higher level equipment analysts by analyzing and recommending contract bid specification alterations reflecting changes in industry; estimates costs for routine automotive purchases from mandatory contracts; uses knowledge of equipment operation, agency programs, and user requirements to negotiate equipment specifications; 

Arranges for demonstration and testing of new industrial commercial equipment to analyze potential for meeting department requirements; advises and assists higher level equipment analysts, in making recommendations for adjustments to existing contract specifications and equipment replacement plans;  

Drafts purchase requisitions for procurement of new and replacement commercial industrial and agency specialized equipment; analyzes equipment operator and maintenance procedures; delivers industrial/commercial equipment operation and maintenance training; studies new developments in equipment industries; maintains liaison with company representatives to keep current with markets in automotive, industrial/commercial and specialized equipment;  

Reviews and recommends policies regarding the operation of vehicles, or equipment; researches and recommends new programs or procedures that will improve efficiency in fleet management; assists in the update of the automated program; analyzes vehicle or equipment operational reports and recommends changes, turn-ins, and transfer of vehicles or equipment to ensure maximum utilization; conducts studies, evaluates, and recommends the need for additional motor pools and the transfer of vehicles between existing pool; assists in the development and preparation of the division budget estimates for all costs associated with administration and operation; assists in the formulation of the annual vehicle or equipment replacement purchase; coordinates receipt of new vehicles or equipment and disposal of old vehicles or equipment; analyzes cost and income reports to determine cost per mile data and recommends changes in vehicle rental rates as necessary; administers equipment rebuild contracts; coordinates with various agencies, both within and outside the State, regarding all matters dealing with automotive, heavy and/or industrial commercial vehicles or equipment policies, procedures, and operations in general;  

May supervise lower level staff.

Legal Requirement(s)

There may be instances where individual positions must have additional licenses or certification.  It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the appropriate licenses/certifications are obtained for each position.

Desirable Qualifications

High school graduation or possession of a GED certificate and three years of experience in the performance of preventative maintenance and repairs assisting a journey level mechanic. Successful completion of vocational technical training in heavy equipment and/or industrial/commercial equipment repair, including welding may substitute year for year for up to two years of experience, or one year of experience as a journey-level mechanic maintaining and repairing heavy-duty equipment, or journey-level standing as a heavy equipment and/or industrial/commercial mechanic as demonstrated by completion of a recognized apprenticeship; or by journey-level standing as recognized by a labor union.  A valid driver's license is required. 

Some positions require a Class A Commercial Driver's License (CDL), with endorsement "N" within the first six months of employment. 

Some positions require a Bachelor's degree in business administration, transportation, or related field and two years of experience in maintenance and repair or operation of automotive, heavy, and/or industrial commercial equipment fleet or three years of managerial or administrative experience in operating an automotive, heavy and/or industrial commercial vehicles or equipment fleet.  Dispatching skills may be required for some positions.  Additional qualifying experience will substitute, year for year, for education.

Class Specification History

New class, consolidated 71510 Equipment Analyst 1, 71580 Equipment Mechanic 1, 72120 Motor Pool Manager; adopted January 1, 2006.
Revise class. General revision, deletes class concept; adopted May 10, 2007, effective July 1, 2007
Revise defintion, add distinguishing characteristics; adopted May 10, 2012, effective May 11, 2012.
Base range salary adjustment adopted 6/30/2017, effective 7/1/2017; 46G to 48G.
Base range salary adjustment adopted 6/30/2022, effective 7/1/2023 to 50G