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State of Washington Classified Job Specification


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Class Code: 283J
Category: Health Care


Functions as an assistant manager of a statewide health program by performing more than one of the following functions within the Department of Health: 

  • Preparing and managing budgets, contracts or grants. 
  • Coordinates division fiscal management. 
  • Program planning and evaluation of health service delivery products. 
  • Developing and implementing health policies and procedures. 
  • Managing health data systems. 
  • Supervising staff providing health services to the public.


Manages a region for the Department of Health.


Serves as a senior health services consultant in a specialty area to WMS Band 2 or higher. The specialty must be designated and conveyed in writing by the Department of Health appointing authority.

Distinguishing Characteristics

This is the senior level of the professional Public Health Consultant series. 

Positions at this level report to Health Services Consultant 4’s, equivalent, or to a position in WMS.

Typical Work

Assists management in the administration and provision of services to professions regulated within the section.  Professions regulated within the Section are:  Registered Nursing, Practical Nursing, Nursing Assistants, Midwifery and Nursing Pools.  Provides consultation and technical assistance to health care providers; 

Responsible for the implementation and administration of department, division, section, and profession-specific rules, policies and procedures relating to licensure, complaint investigation, hearing and adjudicative processes, enforcement of findings and orders; 

Assists in development of biennial budget against allotment requirements.  Responsible for budget control procedures to assure accountability and appropriate financial management of resources.  Manages all section contracts to assure compliance with DOH requirements and fiscal responsibilities; 

Manage the Statewide program for Primary and Secondary Disability Prevention.  Develop and issue Request for Proposals in solicit participation in program activities, negotiation and development of contracts with local health jurisdictions (LHJs) universities and other community agencies; 

Evaluate and participate in state and local assessment activities regarding primary and secondary disability prevention, FAS interventions and/or secondary efforts targeting special populations; 

Represent Department of Health regarding disability issues in meetings with other state agencies including: the Developmental Disability Council, the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Interagency Workgroup, the Traumatic Brain Injury Planning Project, the Arthritis Planning Project, local public health agencies, and other state and federal representatives, the University of Washington, and other social educational, rehabilitation and health service providers; 

Manages the activities of the CHARS section, Hospital & Patient Data Systems, Center for Health Statistics, including all aspects of coordination and supervision, program planning, budget preparation, contract development, administration, and consults with the legislature; 

Administers the Vital Records Certification Program in compliance with Chapter 43.20 RCW; 

Provide consultation/technical assistance to local health department staff regarding the use/issuance of vital records, handling irate customers, and dealing with the public; 

Serves as on-site contracts manager for all federal and non-federal contracts concerning technical/statistical data; 

Assure the coordinated and effective development of confidentiality and privacy policies, procedures and practices for information held by the Department of Health, in conjunction with state and national requirements; 

Monitor state and federal activities in health information privacy, confidentiality, and data standards.  Disseminate information on confidentiality and privacy through agency-wide training, policy development, and project staffing.  Act as a liaison for division assessment activity, representing division on AOG.  Develop knowledge on electronic data and systems, particularly in respect to access and protection.; 

Act as content expert for the federal regulations on administrative simplification under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act; 

Act as agency content expert on confidentiality, privacy and public disclosure issues, including data sharing agreements; 

Responsible for preparing and managing the budgets and coordinating division fiscal management for the division of EM&TP and the Office (OCRH); 

The biennial budget for EM&TP is approximately $28,082,000 with 33.51 FTE and for OCRH is approximately $3,745,000 with 14.33 FTE; 

Responsible to allocate resources between EM&TP and OCRH programs and two indirect programs; 

Monitors and manages daily program fiscal operations for EM&TP and OCRH; 

This position is the primary contact for all fiscal and contract issues for EM&TP and OCRH; 

Develops and implements the budget for EM&TP and OCRH; 

Responsible for the short and long term development of prehospital and hospital EMS and Trauma Care training needs and programs in cooperation with local medical program directors, local and regional training committees, physicians, fire services, private ambulances, dispatchers, first responders, EMTs, and others to be consistent with state rules, regulations and national guidelines; 

Organize, coordinate, and provide technical assistance in the development, implementation, and refinement of three regional EMS and trauma care system plans for the nineteen-county area of Eastern Washington.  Consult with, and provide technical assistance to, local elected and appointed government officials on state EMS and trauma policy development, technical matters, and budgets; 

Conduct regional EMS and trauma system evaluations, including annual regional plan review process; 

Directing and coordinating the planning, development, analysis and improvement of the regulatory process within the Facilities and Services Licensing Division for the regulation of health care facilities and services state-wide; 

Manages the Regulatory Review Program for FSL:  engages in regulatory program planning and develops, writes, reviews and monitors the regulatory process; 

Serves as primary legislative coordinator for FSL:  responsible for supervising and implementing DOH legislative processes in FSL;  

Administers state-wide child death review activities, which include program planning and implementation, budget monitoring, contract management, provision of training and technical assistance to local contracting agencies and others at local and state levels, and development of written information for communication with contractors, other state agencies, the public, and the legislature; 

Assists local health jurisdictions (LHJs) to develop and implement Child Death Review (CDR); 

Proposes and implements CDR program policies in collaboration with other Maternal and Child Health (MCH) staff and the WA State CDR Committee and provides primary staffing for the Committee.  Develops and manages contracts with all LHJs, and other contractors for the CDR Program; 

Functions as a senior level health education administrator in the Office of Health Promotion.  Provides professional health education and health promotion program administration, including administration of short and long range projects, consultation and technical assistance to public health programs at the state and local levels, and health education/health promotion program planning, development, budgeting, grant application and reporting to comply with federal requirements; 

Plans, organizes and coordinates surveillance activities of the Washington State TB Program; 

Coordinates state-wide implementation of the Tuberculosis Information System (TIMS).  Provides ongoing training to LHJs to ensure understanding and use of TIMS, and evaluates/monitors its effectiveness; 

Provides leadership in  CSHCN Assessment and serves as a state-wide resource for promoting integrated systems of care to assure the population of children with special health care needs the opportunity to achieve the healthiest life possible and develop to their fullest potential; 

Responsible for managing/coordinating contracts for MIH services and perinatal regionalization.  Develops statements of work for MCH consolidated contracts and all sections if perinatal contracts.  Responsible for processing contracts and amendments; 

Monitors and evaluates Maternal and Infant Health programs.  Identifies problems and assists agencies in planning, implementing, and evaluating services and correction of any deficiencies in service delivery.  Provides consultation to MCH nursing consultants and other consultants regarding administrative issues.  Provides technical assistance consultation and monitoring to assigned counties for MCH; 

Has lead responsibility for development and administration of state-wide Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program components and activities.  Manages the process for preparing grants and reports; developing contractual agreements and budget control procedures and implementing policies and procedures within assigned areas of responsibilities; and ensuring VFC program compliance with federal CDC regulations and policies; 

Provides complex administrative, monitoring, evaluation, planning, liaison, and consultative functions to local family planning agencies and local health jurisdictions receiving federal Title X grant funds, state moneys, and/or other special funds; 

Performs administrative functions including establishing, revising, and interpreting regulations, state policies, procedures, forms, and manuals; 

Schedules and directs on-site in-depth reviews of local health jurisdictions receiving Title X and state funds for the purpose of monitoring and evaluating program administrative, fiscal, and service components to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations and sound business, medical, educational and counseling practice; 

Technical Assistance and Consultant.  Makes consultative visits to local agencies receiving Title X and state funds for the purpose of working with local agency staff on long-range plans, objectives, needs assessment, priority setting, problem identification and resolution, and future program direction; 

Provides program planning and evaluation of local health services delivery.  Specifically, provides program planning and evaluation about nutrition and health assessment, health promotion, client access and other services, community collaboration, management of WIC caseload and resources, culturally appropriate services, integration and coordination of nutrition education and assessment activities in the community, eligibility criteria, federal and state law and regulation interpretation and compliance; 

Prepares and manages local agency contracts to provide WIC services; 

Coordinates and manages the Washington State SAFE KIDS Coalition.  Develops and monitors budget; determines coalition structure, priorities and issues with advisory groups; Develops local coalitions and chapters; 

Prepares and manages grants and contracts related to specific injury prevention topics; 

Plans, organizes and manages a statewide educational program for controlling sexually transmitted diseases (STD).  Establishes short and long-range goals including public awareness campaigns that target prevention of STDs among high-risk populations.  Develops educational budget, identifies costs for specific proposals and prepares/manages contracts; 

Provides consultation and technical assistance to local health jurisdictions, community health providers and various state agencies including OSPI, DSHS-DASA and DOC regarding the development and implementation of collaboratives STD educational activities.  Conducts ongoing STD educational assessments to determine overall program effectiveness; 

Supervises HPS staff of IDRH Assessment Unit for HIV/AIDS Surveillance, for data collection purposes, monitoring HIV/AIDS surveillance activities and implementation of HIV reporting.  Coordinate statewide HIV/AIDS Surveillance activities for all local health jurisdictions (LHJ) for HIV/AIDS case reporting; gather case report information and training for HIV reporting.  Provide consultation and technical assistance to local health jurisdiction surveillance contacts for HIV/AIDS case reporting, HIV/AIDS security and confidentiality standards.

Legal Requirement(s)

There may be instances where individual positions must have additional licenses or certification. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the appropriate licenses/certifications are obtained for each position.

Desirable Qualifications

A Master’s degree in public health, health care administration, public or business administration, or allied field and two years of professional management or consultative experience in a health services program.


A Bachelor’s degree in public health, health care administration, public or business administration, or allied field and four years of professional management or consultative experience in a health services program.

Class Specification History

New class: 6/9/00
New class code: (formerly 57730) effective July 1, 2007