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State of Washington Classified Job Specification


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Class Code: 594K
Category: Maintenance Trades & Labor


In a transportation region, supervises one or more crews installing, maintaining and repairing electronic equipment used in traffic control devices; closed circuit TV systems, fiber optic and coaxial transmission systems, over freeway fire detection and containment systems; OR, in the Olympia Service Center, supervises statewide crew installing, maintaining and repairing electronic and mechanical traffic counting equipment.  Provides training to agency personnel and user customers. Implements and evaluates workflow priorities. Develops and disseminates instructions and information to unit personnel. Organizes, conducts and facilitates staff meetings. 

Typical Work

Supervises crews engaged in the installation and maintenance of traffic signal suspension systems and related support equipment such as signal head relamps, all highway lighting devices, illumination signs, traffic control support structures, service wiring to control devices and lamps, signal actuating pads, overhead cable systems, concrete support bases and underground conduit systems;  

Supervises the installation, maintenance, repair and operation of Traffic Control Swing/Lift gate systems; supervises installation, maintenance and repair of Traffic Flow Systems; installs, maintains, and repairs communication cables for variable message signs;  

Contacts the various utility companies in the district to secure permission for placing suspension systems on their existing facilities and to provide power;  

Assumes responsibility for safe installation and maintenance procedures when working in an area where other utilities such as high voltage lines, gas lines, water lines and sewers are located;  

Makes field checks of plans to ensure traffic devices can be constructed in the designated area in accordance with the plans and specifications, and makes recommendations for necessary changes;  

Writes job orders and cost estimates for crews and materials for each job;  

Maintains and prepares reports such as time and equipment, materials, personnel performance reports, attendance records and any other reports reflecting the section's operation;  

Reviews contract plans for installation or maintenance with the Traffic Signal Technician 3;  

Trains personnel in all facets of the work;  

Ensures that good work, personnel, safety and public relation practices are maintained;  

Maintains and modifies variable message signs; installs, maintains and repairs coaxial cable; installs and replaces TV cameras; installs and maintains Highway Advisory Radio systems; installs and maintains water and hydraulic pumps, locates conduit runs;  

Installs and maintains motorized, neon, LED and Fiber Optic signs; installs and trouble shoots fiber optic cable;  

Maintains and repairs 3-phase electrical distribution systems;  

Works with and makes recommendations to design engineers, signal consultants, and traffic operations engineers;  

Recommends action related to employment, promotion, demotion, transfer or discharge, or adjudication of grievances affecting subordinates;  

Arranges rental or lease of privately owned equipment; 

Supervises, trains, assists and advises personnel who install, repair, and maintain traffic signal control surveillance, and driver information equipment;  

Arranges for replacement equipment, assigns personnel and coordinates actions during emergency work;  

Selects and purchases test equipment; provides information and advice to traffic, consultant and construction engineers;  

Reviews contract plans; attends engineering planning and scoping meetings; interprets and formalizes information, complaints, and suggestions from crews to engineering and traffic division;  

Coordinates with other agencies or the general public about traffic concerns;  

Coordinates installation and maintenance of traffic counting equipment with participating governmental agencies;  

Approves requisitions and maintenance of stock and tools required for assigned section's performance;  

Establishes accurate cost records and inventory control for all traffic counting equipment including permanent and semi-permanent installations;  

Reviews and investigates new traffic counter or sensing equipment.

Legal Requirement(s)

Some positions require a valid General Radiotelephone Operator license issued by the Federal Communications Commission. 

Some positions require valid drivers license or a Class A or B CDL without the air brakes restriction (CDL may be obtained within 6 months of hire or advancement to this level). 

Desirable Qualifications

Two years of experience as a Transportation System Technician D or three years experience as a Transportation System C or equivalent classification in other states, state agencies, counties or city governments.

Class Specification History

New class, consolidates 72830 Traffic Signal Supervisor, 72890 Electronics Supervisor-Transportation, general revision; adopted May 10, 2007, effective July 1, 2007.