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State of Washington Classified Job Specification


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Class Code: 539F
Category: Science & Engineering


As a senior‑level architect or project lead, performs advance planning, scheduling, coordination, preliminary working drawings, specifications, and cost estimates for new projects as well as planning and coordinating major alterations and improvements to existing buildings and facilities.

Distinguishing Characteristics

As a senior‑level architect, performs professional architectural work in advance project planning, design, scheduling and coordinating; or as a lead architect, is responsible for coordinating a plan review process for determination of compliance with regulations and determining approval/disapproval of construction documents for State‑owned or licensed facilities based on findings of review.

Typical Work

Performs advance planning of new capital outlay projects; confers with operating department officials to establish justification of new structures; 

Oversees project activities, including programming, cost estimating, budgeting, preparation of environmental impact studies, and administration of contracts with consultants and Federal funding agencies; 

Investigates and analyzes legal property descriptions and site selection, including topography, and environmental orientation, utilities availability, and traffic patterns; 

Prepares biennial cost estimates of capital outlay project costs and six‑year forecasts for governmental financial planning; presents biennial estimates and six‑year forecasts to Legislature and/or other governmental officials; 

Sketches ideas of solutions to operating department space and facilities problems to portray generally a description of space requirements and relationship to functions; 

Constructs scale models of proposed buildings and building sites; 

Establishes work schedules, priorities, and work procedures for unit or section; 

Administers consultant selection procedures, negotiates and executes contract with consultant; 

Manages the design process for State facilities to ensure that client agency requirements and Legislative intent are met, coordinates and directs work of consultants during the design process; 

Manages public bidding and awards public works contracts; monitors construction phase of projects through to completion and acceptance; 

Manages review of assigned facility construction protects (such as health facilities) for State regulatory agencies, approves/disapproves construction documents; advises owners, clients, and design consultants regarding facilities requirements; 

Provides architectural services and advice to other professional architects and engineers within the work unit; 

Reviews architectural, mechanical, and electrical work not assigned to other specialists for review; 

Reviews payrolls, material shipments, invoices, statements, and the workmanship of contractors; 

Directs the work of lower‑level professional and/or technical staff; 

Performs other work as required.

Knowledge and Abilities

Knowledge of:  theory, principles, and practices of architectural design, with emphasis on planning and design of public buildings and groups of buildings; architectural and building materials and construction methods; building construction costs; architectural and engineering mathematics; fire and building codes; governmental fiscal problems, procedures, and organization; use of cost accounting methods in estimating and predicting building construction costs on short‑ and long‑term basis; statutes pertaining to State capital outlay. 

Ability to:  sketch, render, and draft plans for buildings and other structures; use and adapt architectural standards and engineering handbooks; understand, interpret, and provide solutions to needs of operating departments and individual building occupants; perform more difficult and complex architectural work in analyzing, reviewing, and interpreting project information relating to contracts with private architects, engineers, and consultants; analyze agency programs for adequacy of information for design of complex architectural projects; review final design for conformance with approved scope; interpret and apply statutes and policies relating to work; effectively communicate in oral, written, and graphic form.

Legal Requirement(s)

Registration as an architect in Washington State or in a state having reciprocity with Washington. 

NOTE: Applicants qualifying through the reciprocity option must achieve registration in Washington State prior to appointment to this class.

Desirable Qualifications

See Legal Requirements


Two years of experience as an architect subsequent to above registration.

Class Specification History

New class, consolidated 64260 Architect 2, 4660 Senior Architect; adopted May 10, 2007, effective July 1, 2007
(08/22/08) Revised desirable qualifications and legal requirements language.