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HR practitioner development

OFM State Human Resources, DES Workforce Support and Development, and agency/institution HR offices all share a collective interest in effectively managing and growing the state's HR practitioner community. To that end, the HR Development Governance Committe has worked with HR leaders and practitioners across the state to develop an HR practitioner competency framework  and resources. The goals of this effort are to:

  • Assist agency leaders in recruiting, managing, and developing  world-class HR practitioners
  • Inform and advise HR practitioners on how to build their skills and grow their careers
  • Focus the development of enterprise resources for HR practitioner training and development

HR practitioner competencies

The Washington State HR Practitioner Competencies are broken out into core behavioral competencies, and specific technical competencies for various HR disciplines. By clicking on the links below, you will be directed to additional resources for each competency.

HR core competency performance management tools

HR practitioner training and development resources

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