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HRMS data definitions

Questions on Data Definitions?

State Human Resources (HR) facilitates the data stewardship of the central Human Resource Management System (HRMS) to monitor and enhance workforce data integrity. The goal is to ensure HRMS data is complete, accurate, and consistent for reporting and analysis purposes.

Data definition resources

Note: These documents will be continually updated as new fields and processes are defined.

Data definitions process

State HR subject matter experts (Rules, Classification/Compensation, Labor Relations, HR Analytics) work together with agency designated HRMS Data Stewards to:

  • Identify HRMS data inconsistencies and propose solutions for data cleanup. These solutions may result in defining field options or documenting/refining processes. In most cases, agency data cleanup activities are required.

  • Refine existing or develop new reports to meet business needs for actionable data.

  • Provide recommendations for, and test, new HRMS coding and functionality.

  • Maintain the HRMS Data Definitions Resource Guide documenting enterprise workforce data standards.

Data definitions, process updates, and data cleanup efforts are communicated to HR Managers, the Personnel/Payroll Association (PPA), and are relayed through OFM IT Services’ HRMS Communication process.

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