Redeployment is a staffing reduction strategy that involves reassigning positions. The reassignment may or may not result in changes to:

  • Work duties
  • Work unit
  • Geographic location

Redeployment typically occurs as a result of good faith reorganization or program elimination.

Factors to consider when redeploying filled positions include:

  • Change Management. How will the perceptions of impacted employees be managed? How will morale be sustained in light of changing duties, expectations, and the environment?
  • Performance Management. How will staff be informed of new expectations? How will new position descriptions and performance plans be shared with staff? What will be the new performance measures and targets?
  • Job Assignments. Can staff assignments be redistributed within the work unit in a way that takes advantage of existing knowledge and skills?
  • Competencies. Do impacted staff satisfy the competencies and other requirements of the new positions? Can impacted staff be retrained within a reasonable timeframe? If not, impacted staff must be given layoff rights per the employer's layoff procedure.
  • Geographic Location. Will impacted staff be relocated to a new duty station? Is the new duty station within a reasonable commute distance according to the employer's layoff procedure? If not, impacted staff may need to be laid off and given layoff rights per the layoff procedure.

Consult the Civil Service Rules for details on the different placement, competition, and layoff rights and options.

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