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Classified Washington Management Service

Managing WMS Growth

  • There were 4,885 WMS employees as of March 31, 2022.
  • The WMS biennial cap established in 2007 ensures management of WMS growth.
  • The current biennial cap is 7.5 percent. The WMS headcount is above the 7.5% cap for the first time since the cap was established in 2007. Work is underway with user agencies to move usage back to, or under, the cap.
  • For additional information, see Washington Management Service.


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Manager (M): Positions manage program(s), budget(s) and staff. This is a traditional managerial role.
Policy Adviser (P): Positions have significant authority for policy development, implementation and interpretation in a designated program area. Provides expert consultation or advice to executive management with significant policy impact. Positions are not typically in charge of staff.
Consultant/Expert (C): Positions exist based on expertise necessary for an agency's specific operational area. Serves as a consultant or technical expert for a recognized discipline which may be acquired through an advanced degree or a field of expertise. Positions are not typically in charge of staff.

Includes permanent and nonpermanent employees.
Executive branch only (excluding higher education institutions).
Does not include legislative and judicial branch agencies.

Last Updated: 04/15/2022
Time Period: 06/30/2018–03/31/2022
Update Frequency: quarterly (end of fiscal quarter)

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