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Jefferson Building
1500 Jefferson Street SE, PO Box 47500
Olympia, WA 98501

What is Washington Management Service?

Washington Management Service is a decentralized personnel system established separately for civil service managers in state government. Agencies have delegated authority under the law to create management positions. It recognizes the unique nature of management positions and the importance of strong management skills to effective state government.

How is it different from general civil service?

  • Managers have greater ability and responsibility to directly manage their own careers.
  • Tailored job assignments to meet the needs of the organization and better use current skills or to develop new skills.
  • Agencies can adjust salaries to reflect changes in the position's responsibilities and the demonstrated growth and development of the manager.
  • Agencies manage hiring and recruitment to align with program and customer needs.

Where can I find more information about Washington Management Service?

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