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Travel restrictions

These current travel restrictions are in effect, as issued by the governor:


State Administrative and Accounting Manual improvements

The State Administrative and Accounting Manual (SAAM) contains statewide policies and procedures and are the minimum requirements that state agencies must meet. The Office of Financial Management is required by the Budget and Accounting Act (RCW 43.88.160) to establish a Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)-based accounting system and procedures, as necessary, to provide for accountability of the state's assets and compliance to its laws and regulations. All agencies of the state of Washington must comply with this manual, unless otherwise exempted by statute.

Sub-subobject details and workflow

This page contains the most current list of valid sub-subobjects (SSO) and their definitions, decision flowcharts to assist with coding certain subobjects, and a list of subobjects and sub-subobjects that require project type X or Y to capture IT costs. The statewide form to request a new SSO or request a change to an existing SSO is also on this page.

Federal Grants Community of Practice

OFM established the Federal Grants Community of Practice workgroup and has been holding bi-monthly meetings to discuss federal issues and share best practices. The workgroup’s main objectives are to create a community of resources, develop federal grant training curriculum, and identify and address ongoing grant management needs.

The workgroup currently has representatives from a variety of state agencies who manage federal grant programs of various nature and sizes. Members include grant program management staff, internal auditors and fiscal staff.

Miscellaneous accounting resources

These resources are intended to help state agencies develop administrative and accounting policies and procedures at a more detailed level and fulfill miscellaneous requirements in the State Administrative & Accounting Manual (SAAM).

The considerations and guidelines presented below may or may not apply to each agency's specific needs or meet each agency's specific legislative authorities:

Year-end closing

These resources help state agencies fulfill state and federal reporting requirements in Chapter 90 State Reporting and Chapter 95 Federal Assistance Reporting in the State Administrative & Accounting Manual (SAAM).


These resources help state agencies fulfill payroll accounting requirements in Chapter 25 of the State Administrative and Accounting Manual.