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Federal Grants Community of Practice

OFM established the Federal Grants Community of Practice workgroup and has been holding bi-monthly meetings to discuss federal issues and share best practices. The workgroup’s main objectives are to create a community of resources, develop federal grant training curriculum, and identify and address ongoing grant management needs.

The workgroup currently has representatives from a variety of state agencies who manage federal grant programs of various nature and sizes. Members include grant program management staff, internal auditors and fiscal staff.

As the State endeavors a phased implementation plan to modernize and improve its aging administrative systems and related business processes, the workgroup serves as another platform for members to be informed about important progress and milestones of the grant/project management module on the modernization roadmap.

A Federal Grants Community of Practice SharePoint site was set up for members to access shared resources and training webinars on various topics. It is our goal to more effectively utilize this conduit to communicate and disseminate important changes and updates to federal laws and regulations that directly impact the work we do at the agency level. Please let us know if you are interested in joining the SharePoint site. 

Federal workgroup meetings

The federal workgroup meets the first Thursday of February, April, June, August, October and December at 2:00pm.

Past meetings

Date Meeting Documents
Jun 06, 2024 Minutes
Apr 11, 2024 Minutes
Feb 01, 2024 Minutes
Dec 07, 2023 Minutes
Oct 12, 2023 Minutes
Jun 01, 2023 Minutes
Apr 06, 2023 Minutes
Feb 02, 2023 Minutes
Dec 01, 2022 Minutes
Oct 06, 2022 Minutes
Aug 04, 2022 Minutes
SWSA Update
Jun 02, 2022 Minutes
FY22 Single Audit Update
FY22 Federal Fiscal Year-end Update
Feb 03, 2022 Minutes
Dec 02, 2021 Minutes
Jun 03, 2021 Minutes
Apr 15, 2021 Minutes
Feb 04, 2021 Minutes
Dec 03, 2020 Minutes
Jun 04, 2020 Minutes
Apr 16, 2020 Minutes
Feb 06, 2020 Minutes
Dec 05, 2019 Minutes
Oct 03, 2019 Minutes
Jun 06, 2019 Minutes
Jun 04, 2019 Minutes
Apr 04, 2019 Minutes
Feb 07, 2019 Minutes
Dec 06, 2018 Minutes
Oct 04, 2018 Minutes
Jun 07, 2018 Minutes
Apr 05, 2018 Minutes
Feb 01, 2018 Minutes


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