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2020 Census data releases

2020 Census apportionment data

The apportionment population represents the first official 2020 Census numbers released by the U.S. Census Bureau. The apportionment counts are used to distribute the 435 seats of the House of  representative among the 50 states based on each state’s population. The apportionment population includes the resident population plus the overseas population consisting of military and federal civilian employees and their dependents living with them who could be allocated to a state.

OFM makes available limited Census 2020 funds for cities, counties and libraries

The Office of Financial Management announces the availability of $2 million for Washington state cities, counties and libraries to support their efforts to reach out to residents regarding the 202

Census 2020 toolkits

Organizing for the 2020 Census doesn’t need to be difficult. Organizations across the country have been working on toolkits for several years, and more are coming online weekly. We provide links here to resources within Washington and nationwide that you can access depending on what you are trying to achieve and who you are targeting. We will update the list as more resources become available.