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Washington state HEDIS quality measures (claims based) - data dashboard

This dashboard reports results at the statewide and Accountable Communities of Health-level for a set of claims-based Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) measures including prevention, access and overuse measures.

Relationships between cost, utilization and quality measures in health care - data dashboard

This dashboard allows you to compare ZIP-code level results from a select set of health care quality and cost measures, including adult access to preventative care and total cost per member per month, to socioeconomic characteristics, such as the percent of population living below the poverty line.

Prevalence of chronic conditions in Washington - data dashboard

This dashboard displays prevalence and per member per month healthcare costs of persons with chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. Results are available by legislative district and Accountable Communities of Health.

State’s new health care website receives national award

OLYMPIA – The state of Washington is being nationally recognized for a new website that gives consumers access to vast amounts of information about health care costs and quality.

The National Association of Health Data Organizations announced last week it has given its annual Innovation in Data Dissemination Award to the state for its Washington HealthCareCompare website.

Washington launches online tool that lets patients compare prices for medical procedures

Washington HealthCareCompare allows consumers to compare costs for more than 80 common health care services. In addition to helping Washingtonians find affordable, high-quality health care, the database will be a valuable tool for health plan managers, consumer advocates, hospitals, physician organizations, business leaders and policymakers, who can use the site to check cost and quality performance across the state.