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2017 fiscal year activities

July 18, 2017

During the 2015–17 biennium, our focus will be in six areas. These areas — called work streams — include planning for implementing systems and readiness preparation activities. Each work stream will help prepare for an integrated approach to business processes and supporting systems. The ultimate goal is providing accurate, usable data for decision makers in all the statewide enterprise areas.

  • The Chart of Accounts Improvement Project is underway. We have completed a design for the future state COA. We will establish a COA Governance Process and standardize use of the coding element Expenditure Sub-Sub-Object as defined in the Statewide Administrative and Accounting Manual.
  • Procurement readiness includes documenting procurement processes to identify opportunities to improve and standardize data for new technology implementations.
  • Transportation readiness involves partnering with the Washington State Department of Transportation to identify business requirements and determine commonality and opportunities for enterprise systems.
  • Strategic integration partner selection involves a nontraditional approach to choose a strategic partner and implementer. We will conduct a competitive search to choose a strategic partner and implementer to help with the planning, phasing and structuring of our implementation strategies so that we can achieve them in incremental, fundable amounts. 
  • Facilities portfolio management tool is a project to implement a software solution to provide a statewide facility portfolio management and inventory tool.
  • Budget systems modernization is a project to upgrade the OFM budget development suite by leveraging the implementation of Legislative Evaluation and Accountability Program applications.

One Washington Implementation Planning & Readiness July 2015 to June 2017(FY15-17)