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One Washington provides orientation to budget, HR and payroll stakeholders

February 28, 2019

Throughout the month of February 2019, One Washington began orientation sessions for state employees who serve in the budget, human resource and payroll divisions of agencies. The orientation was developed in response to the November 2018 One Washington reset, which was based on stakeholder feedback and new information acquired from the enterprise systems marketplace. The reset had the effect of pushing implementation out to the next biennium, and bringing budget, human resource and payroll functions forward on the implementation timeline to essentially join the other two functions of finance and procurement – which had been previously engaged with One Washington. The ultimate date for transition to operational status did not change.

Orientations were provided directly to existing stakeholder groups within their regularly scheduled meetings as well as a session hosted by One Washington at its office in Olympia. The purpose of the orientation was to provide a brief background on One Washington’s efforts, to begin defining some of the key terms currently in use and which these employees will need to be familiar with, and the work stream timeline. On February 20, 2019 over 280 state employees participated either in person or via Skype for the 45 minute presentation hosted by One Washington.

Here are the resources you need if you’d like to know more about the orientation: