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2015 Boards and Commissions Report

NOTE: The 2016 Legislature repealed the requirement for the boards and commissions report with the passage of Engrossed House Bill 2883.

You can find profiles of boards and commissions over which the Governor has appointment authority on the Governor's website.

Prior to 2016, RCW 43.88.510 directed the Office of Financial Management (OFM) to submit to the Legislature every two years a list of the boards, commissions, councils, and committees established by the executive, legislative, or judicial branches of state government.  OFM is to collect from agencies the following information:

  • legal authorization for the creation of the group;
  • number of members on the group, the appointing authority, and the agency to which the group reports;
  • the number of meetings held;
  • a brief summary of the group’s primary responsibilities;
    the estimated cost of operating the group; and
  • the source of funding for the group.

This is the 19th biennial edition of the publication. The reporting period was from July 1, 2013, through June 30, 2015. OFM is not responsible for verifying the information received or ensuring content quality. If you have questions about a specific board or commission, contact the person listed at the bottom of that individual report.


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