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Hiring process

Phase 1: Screening and application review (up to 21 days); Phase 2: Interviews (up to 14 days); Phase 3: Reference and background check (up to 7 days); Phase 4: Offer approval (up to 7 days); Phase 5: Onboarding, IT pickup, meet and greet 

Phase 1 (2-3 weeks)

  • Screening – Once we receive your application, we'll screen for the minimum required qualifications based on your responses to the supplemental questions.
  • SME Review – Application materials will be forwarded to and assessed by the hiring team.

Phase 2 (may take up to 2 weeks)

  • Interviews – Typically, you'll interview with a panel of at least three current OFM members. We can also provide the position description that will give you further details about the position and the division. You’ll have the opportunity to cover things like your employment history, accomplishments, and qualifications. You’ll also be asked some technical skills questions related to the job and situational and behavioral based questions to assess your aptitude for corrections.

Phase 3 (up to 1 week)

  • Reference Checks – If you are a top candidate after the interviews, we'll contact both current and former supervisors and/or professional associates to gauge your past performance in a professional work environment. This is a policy requirement, so please be prepared to provide at least 3 professional references.
  • Criminal History Check – Depending on the position, you may or may not need a background check.

Phase 4 (up to 1 week)

  • Offer Approval - The results of all completed assessment steps will be presented to the hiring authority for a final determination. The top candidate(s) will be offered an opportunity for a rewarding career with the Washington State Office of Financial Management.
    • A welcome email will be sent out prior to your start date, which will include your appointment letter and onboarding information.

Phase 5 (Onboarding)

  • On your first day, you can expect a standard orientation, paperwork, assignment of IT equipment, and meet/greet your supervisor and/or team.

Note: Our time-to-offer (from application submittal to job offer) averages 31 days and will vary for each job posting. Jobs that are identified as hard-to-fill may take longer than anticipated, while those that are easy to fill may move a lot faster. We recognize that your time is important so we will continue to do our best to expedite the process.


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