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Contact us (Accounting)

Office of Financial Management
Statewide Accounting

P.O. Box 43127
Olympia, WA 98504-3127
Phone: 360-725-0198

Statewide Accounting Team

Brian Tinney, Assistant Director 360-725-0171
Heidi Algiere, Senior Financial Consultant 360-725-0182
Kennesy Cavanah, State Financial Consultant 360-725-0229
Julie Girard, Senior Financial Consultant 360-725-0191
Cheryl Hainje, Senior Executive Policy Coordinator 360-725-0193
Laura Lopez, State Financial Consultant 360-725-0177
Sandy McGough, State Financial Consultant 360-725-0194
Steve Nielson, Payroll, Senior Financial Consultant 360-725-0226
Anna Quichocho, State Financial Consultant 360-725-0187
Sara Rupe, Senior Financial Consultant 360-725-0189
Michael Schaub, Senior Staff Consultant 360-725-0225
Vonnie Tallon, Senior Executive Policy Coordinator 360-725-3860
Marina Yee, State Financial Consultant 360-725-0221
Anwar Wilson, Office Assistant 360-725-0184


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