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Q&A about agency vendor file cleanup and consolidation to statewide vendor (SWV) file

Read the updated documentation about the new Statewide Employee table at /it-systems/agency-financial-reporting-system-afrs/afrs-documentation

If you compensate any employees outside of your agency through TEMS or AFRS, please add an Interest record for them in AFRS from the VE.2 screen.  View the employee information in the VE.2 screen and then press F5. 

Vonnie is contacting agencies that have employees’ address 1 or address 2 exceeding the 32 character limit in AFRS.  This has always been an issue but, as part of this change, it was brought to our attention.  We are working with HRMS to see if we can have a warning or documentation added in HRMS to warn employees and payroll offices of this limit.  In the meantime, we will contact agencies periodically if we find any addresses that are being truncated in the AFRS Statewide Employee table and ask you to modify in HRMS.

If you have any queries in WebI dealing with the old agency vendor file, you should update them to look at the new Statewide Employee table.  You can limit the number of records chosen by selecting only those that have an ownership or interest of your agency.

Pay the person using the AFRS Exception Code process.  If an employee is terminated in the future, their record will stay in AFRS for several months and then it will be blocked and eventually deleted.  We have not set the duration of how many months before being blocked or deleted yet.  When that is determined, we will send out notice to agencies.

Submit a request to stating you want to change the particular data element’s value in AFRS.  The request will be given to the AFRS system analysts to update for you.

Have the employee update their information HRMS ESS or your agency’s HR Payroll office on the behalf of the employee, depending upon your agency’s policies.

Your agency’s OFM Statewide Financial Consultant.

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