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Appropriations bills - 2018 supplemental

The appropriations bills proposed by Governor Inslee for the 2018 supplemental and any documents referenced in the supplemental appropriations bills are included on this page.

2018 Supplemental Operating - HB 2299/SB 6032

OFM Documents referenced in the 2018 supplemental operating appropriations bill:

OFM Document 2018-1 Policy Level Central Services Changes for Legislative and Judicial Agencies

OFM Document 2018-2 Compensation Changes for Legislative and Judicial Agencies

OFM Document 2018-3 Lease Cost Pool (referred to in bill as LEAP LEAS2-2017)

2018 Supplemental Transportation - HB 2469/SB 6106

OFM Document referenced in the 2018 supplemental transportation appropriations bill:

OFM Transportation Document 18GOV001 - Transportation Project List

2018 Supplemental Capital - HB 2395/SB 6095 

OFM Document referenced in the 2018 supplemental capital appropriations bill:

OFM Document 2017-1 - Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program

2018 Capital Bond Bill - HB 2394/SB 6094


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