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Highlights of Gov Inslee's proposed 2019–21 budget

After historic K-12 education funding increases, Gov. Inslee continues education investments while putting unprecedented focus on Washington’s behavioral health system, statewide broadband, orca recovery, and other vital needs.

Budget highlights

All budget & policy highlights
Balance sheet detail
Behavioral health
Human services
Early learning
K-12 education
Career Connect Washington
Higher education
Saving the Southern Resident orca
Combating climate change
General Government
Natural Resources
Employee Compensation

Policy briefs

Clean energy package overview
100 percent clean electricity
Clean buildings
Eliminating HFC super-pollutants
Clean transportation
Clean fuel standard
Transforming Washington’s behavioral health care system
Saving the Southern Resident orca
Strengthening the early learning system
Washington College Promise

Budget charts and graphics

Chart showing state revenue collections
Revenue collections as a share of the economy have fallen by 25 percent since 1995
Pie chart showing proportion of growth of Near General Fund spending 2013–2019
More than two-thirds of new state spending 2013–19 has gone toward K-12 schools.
Chart showing the shift to services as a share of the state's economy
Services as a share of Washington's economy have doubled since 1974
Chart showing a steady rise in the numbers of sheltered homeless individuals
Homelessness is on the rise
Chart showing increased enrollment in state preschool programs since 2013 by more than 7,800 children.
Continued preschool expansion
Chart showing a steep rise in civil placement of those with behavioral health issues
Expanding civil placement capacity in the community
Chart showing projected reductions in carbon emissions
Achieving Washington’s greenhouse gas emission reduction targets in 15 years
State and Local Tax Rankings
How Washington compares with other states in revenue as a share of the economy
Chart showing Southern Resident killer whale population fell to 74 in 2018, lowest count in 30 years
Southern Resident killer whale population

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