Vacation, leave and holidays

This leave and holiday benefit information is intended to provide a general overview. For more information, refer to WAC 357-31 for non-represented classified employees or the applicable for union-represented employees.

Vacation leave

Employees earn 14-25 days of paid vacation per year depending on the length of employment. For exact accrual rates, non-represented classified employees should refer to WAC 357-31-165, and union-represented employeees should refer to their applicable collective bargaining agreement. Qualified employees may also donate leave to assist other employees through an extended absence.

Bereavement leave

Non-represented classified employees, whose family member or household member dies, are entitled to 3 days of paid bereavement leave. See WAC 357-31-250 for rules on bereavement leave for non-represented employees.

Civil leave

Employees are allowed leave with pay for jury duty or to perform other civil duties. Leave pay will be equal to full salary for the time involved.  

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

The Family and Medical Leave Act entitles employees who have worked for the state for at least 12 months and for at least 1,250 hours during the previous 12-month period to 12 weeks of leave for the following reasons:

  • As a result of the employee's serious health condition;
  • To care for an employee's parent, spouse, or minor/dependent child who has a serious health condition and/or;
  • To provide care to an employee's newborn, adopted or foster child as provided in WAC 357-31-460. 

Leave without pay

Leave without pay may be granted for prolonged illness, maternity causes, educational pursuit, or other valid reason. Though the employee retains his or her relative job status, no pay or other compensation is received during this leave.  During a period of military conflict, an employee whose spouse is a member of the Armed Forces, National Guard, or Reserves is entitled to 15 days of unpaid leave when the military spouse has been called to active duty or when on leave from deployment. 

Military leave

Military training leave with pay is permitted to a maximum of 21 work days in any one year. An employee entering military service, U.S. Peace Corps, or U.S. Public Health Service for active duty is entitled to leave of absence without pay. The employee will be restored to his or her position, or one of similar classification and salary, in state service if reinstatement is requested within 90 days after release from active duty. 

Paid holidays

Full-time employees are entitled to 11 paid holidays, and 1 personal holiday if the employee is scheduled to be, or has been, continuously employed by the State of Washington for at least 4 months.

Shared leave

Employees may donate accrued leave to a fellow state employee who is suffering from or has a relative or household member suffering from an extraordinary or severe illness or impairment which may cause the employee to take leave without pay or terminate employment.

Sick leave

Full-time employees earn 1 day of sick leave each month. Part-time employees earn sick leave on a pro rata basis.  

Uniformed Services Shared Leave

The Uniformed Services Shared Leave Program (USSLP) allows employees to donate leave to eligible state employees who have been called to serve in the uniformed services. The USSLP is administered by the Military Department. For more information, please review the guidelines established by the Military Department.

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