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Washington Management Service (WMS) coordinator roles and meetings

Role of WMS Coordinators

WMS Coordinators play an important role within each agency.  They are responsible for

  • Ensuring compliance with the WMS rules
  • Providing training to agency WMS committee member.
  • Chairing evaluation committee meetings
  • Serving as a liaison between their agency and the State Human Resources (SHR) for matters related to WMS
  • Serving as agency’s expert on WMS
  • Participating on audit teams as requested by SHR
  • Helping to provide accountability, consistency and transparency with the WMS

WMS Coordinator Meetings

The Washington State WMS Coordinator meetings are hosted by the State Human Resources Division (SHR) within the Office of Financial Management. Roundtables serve as a venue where WMS Coordinators with Washington State employers can learn about and discuss topics important to their business. They serve to update on WMS matters, share best practices and information and provide a networking opportunity among agencies.  These roundtable formatted meetings are open to WMS Coordinators from state agencies utilizing WMS positions.  While attendance is not required, it is highly encouraged.

There are no official meeting minutes.  If you are unable to attend a meeting, feel free to send a back-up or follow up with a peer to get highlights from the meeting.  Handouts will be posted on the WMS Coordinator shared site.

Be sure to request access to the WMS Coordinator shared site and request to get on our listserv for the most up-to-date information related to these sessions.
Questions: If you have specific questions or want certain areas covered, please email your ideas to the logistics meeting coordinator at, and we will be sure to address them at the Roundtable meeting.

SHR is committed to providing reasonable accommodation to participants with disabilities. Please contact the logistic meeting coordinator at

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