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Resources for employees when they have a workplace issue or complaint

State employees can contact the common local, state or federal resources below to help resolve personal or workplace issues. When possible, we encourage employees to resolve their unreported issue at the lowest possible level. To start, employees can contact their agency head, HR director, investigation team, or union council.

Agency/program Contact info Typical issues

Employee Assistance Program

877-313-4455 or 360-407-9490

To help state employees and their adult family members resolve or cope with personal or work-related problems; coaching and counseling services available.

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission


Disparate treatment or unfair practices in employment based on protected status. These include discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, and retaliation.

Human Rights Commission


Disparate treatment or unfair practices in employment, housing, public accommodations based on protected status. These include discrimination, harassment and retaliation.

Washington State Patrol


Criminal behavior including theft, fraud, stalking, physical and/or sexual assault, counterfeiting, etc.

State Auditor’s Office


Report of improper governmental actions; suspected waste; fraud, or abuse of government resources; whistleblower concern.

Executive Ethics Board


Using state resources for personal gain; receiving gifts in exchange for benefits or services; special privileges (RCW 42.52).

Department of Health


Practices or actions that violate professional license or certificate holder standards; treatment or practices by professional healthcare staff; public health and safety concern

Labor and Industries


Employment practices about wage and hour laws, equal pay rights, protected leave rights, unemployment insurance, workplace safety hazards.

U.S. Department of Labor


Same as L&I; concerns with grants, contracts, retirement benefits, health plan and benefits, workplace safety.


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